Monday, March 2, 2009

The most enthralling trip...(memorable one too)

I was in my 10th.... (shud say the most glorious time of my school life) well dr quite a lotsa reasons fa dat... oh my gosh!!! i kno wt u ppl r thinkin abt..:p try bein sensible sometyms atleast yaar...!!!!:p:D

v went on a trip(quite adventerous one) 2 silvassa.. nw u ll ask me were it s.. nt many kno abt dat..its in daman.. rem??? skool geography??? map markin which puzzled every1... made me insane completely..

hey hey,, leme com 2 d was a trip fa 2 days n 1 nite.. neva knew hw tym flew away.. i can say wit certainity dat dr s not a single person who actually regretted fa comin dr.. yea it was dat fun.. i mentioned earlier dat it was an adventerous trip.. coz v went on a hike.. (vry tiresome).. hv neva walked so much in my lyf.. dat too wakin u up early in d morn n askin u 2 walk in dat cold mornin... u must kno hw irritatin it s.. coz m a kinda person who luvs sleepin:) esp in such a climate, u luv 2 sleep dat too wit pleasant dreams(lol)..u kno wt i mean...:p.

bt believe me.. v al neva had d feelin dat v were bein tortured... d reason s as simple.. i was wit my frenz... yae i value my frenz so much..v also had dj nite n stuffs.... made every1 freak out completely.. fa sometym, v forgot who v were... d happiness dat a baby has.. absolutely no worries.. those things made me forget d world outside n made d child in me take charge... esp those puzzlin equations, those bafflin theorem(u ll kno of u had eva studied in icse) those things made me forget al these... wel dun misinterpret dat.. m not dat nerdy type...:P no doubts abt dat pl... bt those 3 days , v were relieved frm al those stuffs:) feels so gud rite... infact v njoyed 2 d hilt even in our skool... believe me, i hv actually bunked classes:P such cherishin moments.. 'ope 2 hv em back:(... wel i take dis oppurtuinity 2 say dat "I MISS U ALL MY DEAREST FRENZ"

wel i hv written a lot fa a topic.. ll finish wit dis...bewilder u soon wit my next postin.. b sane 2 read it.


  1. true d...skol life s da most memorable one

  2. Hel yea d trip waz f d most memorable moments f our lives...miss ya..

  3. miss u too sammy...:( jus could not forget those days inc our jus cant forget d day wen u were caught by ur mom:p

  4. Bwahaha. once upon a time archu usd 2 typ lyk dis :D


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