Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mehandi Mission!

It was Friday night and i was bored. Tried to find something interesting on TV. Absolutely nothing. Wondering what to do,i started roaming around. That's when a thought occurred to me.I had seen a mehandi cone long ago somewhere in my house.. So i started searching for it,and was relieved to find it.. So i then decided to give it a shot..What's the big deal after all in just doodling something in your hand was my initial thought.. It seemed as simple as eating a piece of cake. I was confident enough that its going to come out super cool and i started day-dreaming(technically night though) about what are all the compliments i am gonna get and i even challenged my sis that she is gonna come begging me asking me to put mehandi in her hands too after all that comments she passed on me being over-confident.

So i started googling for mehandi pictures.. Some seemed very simple.  Without hesitation,i started off with my mission. After a while, i realised that my confidence level began to fall at an exponential rate and that it came out quite contrary to what i thought. 
I started hearing what my mind was speaking out.*Flop* and later *Bulb*..OMG i have given a chance for my sis to deride me. I was ashamed and was frightened by the abashment awaiting me.     

The moment came.. She came she laughed and she went..Ok so the peacock didn't exactly look like one...but hey isn't this supposed to be my first time?
Then i took one glance at my hand. I starred at it for encouraging words and it did speak back.
The words echoed in me...
"My first ever attempt to put mehandi . not bad at all :P "
I taught me that nothing is as simple as it seem to be. Practise makes it simpler. And not to under estimate anything. How surprising that every small thing teaches us something.We grow with our mistakes. Losers always don't remain losers.So I said to myself  "This is not the end" and to my sis, "picture abhi baaki hai maerae dosth :P

So here is a picture of how it looked like ... :D


  1. Archana !! I get it now, u were super vetti to try out mehendi and post ur venture on that:D anyway, it has come out well :)

  2. Whoa Archu!!! Latent creativity :) Sooper vettiness transformed to artistic conception :)

    P.S. Next E-Week la stall potu we'll mint money :P

  3. It isnt that bad,as you said keep on practising........ :),you do have an talent in it.


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