Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yet another piece of writing! :D

He looked at the monitor screen for the 100th time in the past 10 minutes. He pinched himself hard to remind himself that it is indeed reality. But he didn't wanna believe any of it. His mind was glutted with mixed emotions. He couldn't comprehend if its anger or his fear for the raw fact facing him.
He slowly began to think how it all started!

May 15th,2011,1:30 PM

It was a Saturday and he was feeling irksome! Having done with the exams,it was time to break the stress and finally loosen up. He thought about the dreadful 45 monotonous days and felt himself immediately shrug as if to clear his mind. Having literally nothing to do, he logged into his fb account . The news feed did everything to make him feel more frenzied and frustrated.
It read:
     Prathul is in a relationship with Akshadha.

His instant reaction was wtf!! He never understood how the useless dimwitted imbecile always get the most famous girl.! He recollected all that he could about Prathul and the thoughts by itself made him puke. He had known Prathul for the past 3 years. A below average student when it comes to studies and his face resembles a creature which has a gory appearance. Whenever he used to look at Prathul,he felt his body filled with the feeling of superiority! But he now understood what skill that guy possessed which he didn't. Making a girl fall for him.

No matter what he does,he hardly found even a single girl turning her head towards him. He was derided by everyone as the "brother boy".
Its not that he didn't make an effort to portray himself as a stud but it was all in vain. Trying not to feel bad about what he just saw,he closed the tab and opened gmail in another tab.

Something in the corner of the page caught his attention. freakish_human@gmail.com has sent you a chat request . yes or no? He tried hard to remember who the hell this freak could be in this godforsaken world.! He was in no mood for a double whammy.. His lackadaisical attitude made him click yes and then he started browsing his emails . Ten seconds passed and suddenly the freakish_human pinged him saying  hey!

he replied back saying "yeah hi..!! who are you??"
He received a reply instantly saying "Hi this is Shraddha. Entering my 3rd year engineering. I am from NIT .. you?

Seeing those words appear on his screen , he immediately felt an adrenaline rush. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was stupified and he began speaking to himself "Don't tell me a girl has just approached me that too from NIT" All of a sudden, he felt he would finally be able to lift his "brother boy" image and that he can also update his relationship status to "in a relationship with Shraddha". He found himself smiling like a twit at the mere thought of it. He wanted this to work. And so he planned each and every reply of his. He didn't wanna show how desperate he was.

Having received no reply from him,Shraddha sent another message asking if he was busy.
He gave a coy smile. He thought . yeah finally it was working. He replied back saying : not really.. Little engaged. I am working as an intern at Mumbai. Basically i am from Chennai. Just finished my 3rd year at IIT.
He knew that every bit of what he said was a blatant lie. But he didn't wanna fail in this new venture of his.
In no time,he received a reply saying  wow IIT ??? that's freaking awesome!!! "
He thought "if only she knew the reality!!"

And that's how it started! He remember talking to her that day for more than 2 hours.
In another few days she asked for his number and they soon started chatting endlessly. He always wondered if it was some fairy tale but felt his cheeks turn red when he told himself "its happening for real"!!

It was hard to tell who was more obsessed . He could bet on anything that she has fallen for him. But he dreaded the day when he will have to confront her.When he will have to tell her the truth. He feared she might start hating him, but he reassured himself saying "She loves you unconditionally and she can never hate you"
Months passed.!! He thought,its time to tell her the truth and then propose her. She will forgive him for sure!

Present day:6:15 PM

HE: Hey shraddha! i wanna tell you something.. Very very important! Please do not hate me after hearing what i have to say.
SHRADDHA: Hey ! even i have to say something and i need the same affirmation.
HE: Oh! okay sure. go on! what it is??
SHRADDHA: hmmm hey actually my name is not shraddha!
HE: what??? ok never mind what's in a name after all?
SHRADDHA: wait ! there is more. Actually my name is Sanjay !
HE: What ? Sanjay?? You are a guy?? :O don't tell me yes!
Sanjay: Hey yes! i am! but i love you!
HE: WTF! *goes off-line*

Moral of the story: No matter how desperate you are, never try to hook up with someone online!  You will never know how things will turn out :P



  1. Shocking at the end.. Poor lad cheated by a chat.
    Anyway Nice go.. :-)

  2. And I thought I had a unique name :|

    1. LOL coincidence :) BTW its still unique :) I don't know anyone by that name :)


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