Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Undefined - Chapter 2

Please don't leave us.... Please.. Please reconsider your----- Radha wake up, Narayan was rattling her violently trying to bring her back to senses. Radha slowly opened her eyes and tears started rolling down her cheeks. It was just a dream, she cried. I am having this same dream ever since he left us, she spoke as she wiped the tears. Narayan who himself was going through an emotional turmoil couldn't find words that would comfort his wife. After a long silence, he spoke. Listen Radha, he might be married, he might be a hundred miles away , but nothing can shake the fact that he's our son. More than anything, I am bothered about your health right now. You have not eaten properly since he got married and you are always having a disturbed sleep. This is definitely not a good sign. Please stop worrying. He was terribly worried. Ever since Tarun got married, she was losing her identity. There have been terrible moments in my life when your smile did wonders, he spoke as he switched on the bedside lamp. Your mere presence makes me feel that there is nothing to be worried about as long as you are there to support me. My pillar of support. The agony that your eyes convey these days is very depressing. My wife who has always been so determined and stayed strong cannot be so vulnerable,he spoke with his eyes fixed on hers.  Venting out definitely eases out the pain, she thought. She was feeling better now. She looked around to see what time it was. The clock struck 4. She was in no mood to go back to sleep. She decided to get up and make some coffee. The day being Sunday, she was way too excited. It was on this day, that she will get to skype with her son. 

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