Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Beginnings-Chapter 3

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As he entered the classroom, he fought back his emotions which insisted he look in her direction..! But his senses told otherwise and he felt it wise to follow what his mind ranted and hence went and occupied his usual spot.. His emotions were unyielding. He felt the word "coward" echoing within himself for the umpteenth number of time. He could hear two voices.One which seconded his act and the one which opposed. The second voice said : "why the hell don't you man up and just look?" to which the first voice responded " do you wanna embarrass yourself all over again? just try to divert yourself" 
Pushing that thought aside, he tried to initiate a conversation with his friend. After an awkward silence of we-both-don't-know-what-to-talk, he realized that would never help. And hence after a prolonged process of decision making, he looked around only to find that she was not there in that room. Instant disappointment hit him hard. He wanted to know where she is but didn't know whom to ask. So he took the task of finding it out himself and hence rushed out of the classroom.
It was not that difficult to figure out where she would be. He put some distance between him and her so that she wouldn't find out that she's being watched. As he watched her, he started reminiscing their first meeting. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Beginnings - Chapter 2

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He watched her as she entered the cafeteria few minutes back. His heart ached and it killed him as he sat there helpless and not able to walk straight to her and say all that he wanted to. But he knew, that moment is gone and is never coming back. He stared at the ceiling . Images of the past stared back at him. He shrugged! His fellow mate siting next to him sensed that something was wrong with his best friend for ages, and he enquired if he is alright. He saw the desolation in his friend's eyes and he knew what the reason was .. He patted him in his back, said everything is gonna be ok. But they both knew, its never gonna be ok again. 

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