Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Beginnings...! Chapter 1

Monday 13th January 2011,12:30 PM

                  The Cafeteria looked busier than ever with people bustling in and out,occupying their usual spot.,munching and shrieking at the top of their voice,deriding their peers.

At the extreme corner,sat a clump of girls prattling about nothing new. "The usual cliché talks".. Sat amongst them was a girl, who felt like a fish out of the pond..Bygone are the days when she used to be a zealot. Present day, any sentence uttered by her fellow mates sounded like an awful racket to her..! She still found it hard to embrace the fact that her world has crashed right in front of her eyes.

Forgetting is one thing. Being forgotten seemed the worst of all.. Oblivion or delirium or whatever be it, seemed worse! She cursed herself for the 100th time in the past 10 minutes. She looked around.. Everyone around her looked joyous. Something in the other corner caught her attention! It was him. She wondered how stunning he looked even from such a distance. There was not a tinge of remorse in those beautiful hazel eyes.His smile was filled with innocence and was blemishless. She thought, definitely one of a kind and then silently wiped away the tears flowing down her cheeks feeling embarrassed! Unable to stand it anymore, she stood up to leave. That's when he looked at her for the first time this afternoon. Their eyes met for a second and they looked at each other as if trying to convey so many unspoken words. In the very next second,he turned away pretending as if nothing happened! 

And then she left....

Next chapter: New Beginnings chapter 2


  1. This seems more of an epilogue than a prelude :) Why the enigmatic title? :)

  2. Good one! waiting for the next thread :)
    Think of someother title de :)

  3. sure aarthi :)
    @manish-you will understand soon :P

  4. Thats a new Beginning or the end?

  5. great beginning. keep going !!

  6. Beautiful start to the story. looking forward to chapter 2

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  7. Good start ! :) Love the simplicity in prose :) Cheers :)

  8. Hey that's a very cool and mysterious beginning...keep up the good work!

  9. Interesting beginning. Going to chapter 2.


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