Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Undefined ... Chapter 1

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Tarun was all dressed up for the occasion. It was his D-Day. The day when he will be starting his own family with the girl he had been in love with for 8 years now. Being the only son to his parents, he underwent a pampered childhood. Starting from the day he was born, he became the world to his parents. His parents had often narrated their sleepless nights when he was an infant not with regret but with so much happiness. He became their first priority and hence his wishes. They sacrificed every desire of their's just to fulfill his wishes. He is 27 now and is also getting married. But to his parents, he's still their little adorable kid. He joined an engineering college of his choice and then left India for higher studies. After completing his PG, he decided to work there and that became his home. When he broke that news to his parents, they hid their tears behind their smile as all they had ever wanted was for him to be happy.
Radha, can you believe that our son is getting married? It feels like yesterday that he started going to school and now he's getting married. Time flees with the blink of an eye.. Narayan exclaimed..!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Beginnings - Finale!!!

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The next day dawned. Preshika was asked to take Ishitha to the coffee shop near her house.Preshika did not want to get involved in this.But unknowingly she was also one of the reason they broke up.So she wanted to make up for it. She dialed Ishitha's number. Tring tring... And it went on and on until the line went dead. She dialed again. On the second ring, the line connected.
Yeah tell me Preshika, why have you called? Ishitha sounded rude. 
Preshika hesitated for a moment . She gathered her courage and spoke, Well Ishtitha, today is Shilpa's birthday.We are planning to throw a surprise party. Are you in? Silence prevailed for few minutes . Hey are you listening, Preshika inquired.
Yeah well I have never spoken much to Shilpa.I am not really interested to come,Ishitha replied. 
Yeah I know that. This will be our last year together.So we thought of having a get together.All our classmates will be coming.Please do come. Preshika requested.
What do you mean all our classmates?You mean EVERYONE? Ishitha couldn't control her anxiety.
No not everyone. Only girls,said Preshika.

Ishitha finally gave in after an endless argument. They discussed the venue and the time and finally hung up. What a stubborn girl, Preshika wondered.
The clock ticked 10:00. Having nothing to do, Ishitha started from home. The get together was scheduled at 10:30.But well it was Ishitha. They knew Ishitha would reach the place early. So they had it all pre-planned. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy birthday :)

On february 15th 2009, I met you for the very first time. I remember. It was around 2:00 in the afternoon. It was an accident. We did not plan on meeting. But still we did and in this 3 years, we have got really close. So close that I wanna spend everyday with you. Hope we stay close forever. You showed me the way to vent out anger, frustration and despair. You showed me the way to follow my passion no matter what comes my way.Love you with all my heart :)
Happy birthday my dear blog :) :) 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Beginnings - Chapter 11

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She lost her hope that they would be ever back together. She had accepted what fate had offered her. She had given away all her self respect and had literally fallen at his feet , but he did not show an iota of respect towards her.She placed her relationship before her ego but he did not seem to bother. She decided to "mind her own business" as he had asked her to. Few days passed. Even though she did not make an attempt to patch up with him after the way he ill treated her, a part of her wanted him badly. She missed his presence more than anything in the world.She had none to talk to about her misery other than her dear diary. She poured her heart out to her diary until she began to feel light. This happened every other day....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Beginnings - Chapter 10

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"Its over" he had said. It kept ringing in her ears. She was guilt filled. She knew that she went overboard by bringing her friend in the conversation. She wanted to do everything in her power to save the relationship but something told her that the damage is done and its beyond repair. She wanted someone by her side, comforting her and reassuring her the way he does. His voice kept echoing in her ears. She badly wished she could take back her words. She wanted to apologize to him but she couldn't find the courage within her. She wept in silence. She finally decided to make a call and fiddled for her mobile and dialed his number as soon as she could. It kept ringing and the receiver did not respond. He doesn't wanna talk to me. I have made a terrible mistake, She cried.Or may be his mobile is in silent mode and he did not notice my call,her optimistic voice called out. She redialed. Again, no answer. She kept dialing and after god-knows-how-many-missed-calls, the female on the line replied The mobile number you are trying to reach is currently switched off. Frustration filled,she threw her mobile as far as her hand could stretch. Her next thought was to see if he was online. She logged into Facebook and Gmail . He was online. She immediately pinged him. Seeing her ping, he instantly went offline. She couldn't control her tears. If only I want a second shot at something, I swear to God it would be him. The feeling of living a life without him teared her heart apart. Staying up did not seem to do any good. So she called it a day and went to bed.After a really long struggle, she finally slept.

I love you too, Zindagi! :)

Hello there! :)  Its been a while hasn't it , well I can imagine some of you yawning and rolling your eyes. Ok I think I will just cut...