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New Beginnings - Chapter 9

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On her way to the garden, so many baffling thoughts were lingering on her mind. "I wanna talk to you about something important", he had said. She thought, it definitely was a tricky sentence and it kept her mind preoccupied. Her mind kept shouting so many questions which were left unanswered. So she started imagining every possible explanation for that. Did I do something wrong? she wondered. Does he wanna break up with me? One part of her said everything is fine while the other kept hinting her that something was wrong. She wondered if he had second thoughts while committing to this relationship considering herself as a compromise he settled to considering the fact that he first looked like he was interested in her friend Preshika. After a long battle with herself, she finally gave up and decided to let him talk before arriving at any conclusion. So she dressed up as soon as possible and left her house. She always had the habit of reaching early and even that day she was 10 minutes early. That ten minute wait seemed like forever. With every passing minute, her pulse kept increasing. And finally the moment arrived. He approached her. She did not utter a word. She wanted him to get to the point immediately. He sensed the tension in the air and to ease her tension, he started with his usual trick to make her smile. He told her, "Hey you look so beautiful today sweetie!" and he smiled at her. But she just kept staring at him. Having failed in his attempt, he started to say, look Ishitha I need my space. And the rest fell into deaf ears. Though it was a very ordinary statement, she felt queasy. He kept saying something and finally when there was silence , she replied, “Ok if that's what you want and they left.

As soon as she reached home, she rushed to her bedroom to avoid awkward eye contact with her family. She locked the door behind and tears started rolling down her cheeks. She cried her eyes out. After sometime, she started thinking. Why am I crying? He just said he wants his space. Doesn't mean he doesn't love me. Its going to be the same except for the time we will be spending apart. Finally she felt relieved. 

The next few days, they spent sometime away from each other. She felt odd but did not say a word about it to him as that mere thought of him misunderstanding her intimidated her. When they were together, it was the good old days. That is the only thing that kept her hopes alive. Soon they started spending lesser time together. She started feeling insecure. Every time she saw him talking to Preshika, her insides were fuming. She knew there was nothing to worry about. But still her evil side kept showing up. In his presence, she behaved like everything was fine. She knew if her jealousy remains, the cost to be paid will be high. She kept thinking about how average she is and how awesome he is in every aspect. With every passing day, she feared she's going away from him. She started avoiding Preshika. When he was with her, she always kept fighting with him for no particular reason and after he leaves, she regrets her action. This went on for a few days. As she could no longer take it, she thought of confronting him . One day when they were together, she hesitantly looked him in his eyes and started speaking. Look Pritam, I am very concerned with the way things are between us. I fear you will leave me soon. As she said that, he immediately felt very bad. He tried to comfort her but his efforts went in vain. So he decided to listen to her as she poured her heart out. She kept weeping and he sat there helpless. Soon she felt better. Everything was going fine until she spoke about Preshika. She said, I don't like it when you spend time with her. I am afraid if you will choose her over me looking at the fact that she is a better pair for you than me. As she said that, he stood up. He couldn't believe what he just heard. He questioned, So is this the trust you have on me? After all the time we have spent together? She tried to defend her stand, but she knew she had uttered something that she never should have. Her statement clearly indicated she lost her trust on him. Before she could say anything, he said, Its over and he left...

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  1. Words are really precious. But they are equally poisonous if spoken appropriately. A very refreshing article Archana

  2. Woah! This makes things all the more interesting :P

  3. this is how dey broke up.. dat was his fault!! kiddin.. :P v r always used to blamin the guys no? adan palaka dosham :D anyway gud goin Archu :) hope next is not the finale!! keep writin :)

    1. No Beti. its not over yet :D "we are always used to blaming the guys?? " err I don't know about that :D and thanks. No wont be finishing in the next :)

  4. So tats a typical girl's nature to lose her trust on her guy te way it no matter how well he comforts her!!;);)...
    Luv te way yu drift te story Archu...:) :)Awaitin fo te next..:)


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