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Love Undefined - Finale

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As soon as the plane landed, Priya couldn't wait to get home but them she didn't have to wait that long. Radha was right outside the airport waiting to receive them. On seeing Priya, tears of happiness started rolling down her cheeks. Tarun's presence made no difference to her. What an irony, Radha thought. She slid her attention to the kid who was talking animatedly to his dad. Gosh , Shrey has grown up so much, she thought. But nothing could actually distract her from the voice inside her head. Talk to Priya, it kept shouting.  Oh yes I will, she shouted back,saying it out loud. 

Narayan kept shooting glances at his wife.  He noticed how weird she has been acting all day. He knew this was something very unusual of his wife. Yet he remained silent. What is she upto, he kept wondering. 

Priya smiled on seeing Radha. That heavy burden that she was carrying all along seem to have lifted suddenly.On their way back home, Shrey kept glancing outside and was marveling at the sight of each and every thing. Now and then he kept shouting, whenever he saw something he recognized. Tarun and Narayan exchanged a few words and other than that nobody really spoke anything. And no sooner, Shrey fell asleep. Silence prevailed until they reached their destination. Tarun freshened up and sooner fell asleep. It wasn't that easy for Priya though. There was this nagging thought that constantly kept reminding her of the fact that she still haven't spoken a word to Radha. Her to-do-list on this visit to India mostly involved Radha.

1) Make peace with Radha.
2)Get along with Radha
3)Try staying calm when Shrey is around Radha and so on...

So much of unnecessary drama and I might as well get it over with, She thought and she tip toed into the kitchen. Radha was preparing dinner and hence she thought the best ice breaker would be to start off with "can I help you prepare dinner?" but before she could actually say anything , Radha initiated. Priya ,what are you doing here? go get some rest, she smiled. ok ma, is all Priya could say and she sprinted through the hall towards the bedroom. 

She couldn't help but smile. Radha actually spoke to her and she did not seem a bit angry. Well that's a good sign, she thought and was so lost in thoughts that she lost track of time until Radha came and called her for dinner. And they had their dinner like one happy family. Later that night Radha put Shrey to sleep and Priya slept peacefully after a really long time. 

The next day Priya got up with a smile on her face. All of a sudden yesterday seemed like a long time ago and all the bitterness between her mother-in-law and her seemed like it never happened. That is when she realized that all this was bound to happen. All this misunderstanding and the cold war and everything. It did not take them apart but actually brought them together. She felt like she had successfully solved one gigantic jigsaw puzzle. It felt like they were one happy family. Just then she heard Radha shouting "Priya! Its 8 in the morning and are you still asleep? .. and the rest fell on deaf ears. Just when I thought things were getting better, She smiled and got up to face the day ahead(or in short, Radha)! 

----------------------------------------------The end---------------------------------------------------

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