Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Beginnings - Chapter 7

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Before I continue with the story, I have to say that I am in no hurry to finish this story..! So keep reading. I will reveal the secret when I feel like ending this story :D

After bidding a silent goodbye to him at the bus stop, she started walking home. It takes her hardly fifteen minutes to reach college on foot. As she walked away, she smiled to herself as she thought about the few lovely moments she had just spent with him. How badly did she wish that time would freeze. But to her disappointment, the distance between her college and bus stop was lesser than half a kilometer. God bless his forgetful nature, she thought. 
Rolling back a few minutes..

She knew that she was being watched by him and she enjoyed every second of it. She avoided looking in his direction lest he finds out that his presence has been noticed and hence leaves straight away taking with him the only source of her happiness.. She hence took great caution and timed her look out for him in such a way that he wouldn't notice it. Few minutes passed. She sensed it was going to rain in lesser than half an hour. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Beginnings- Chapter 6

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Pritam continues reading..

I lost track of time. Not because I was enjoying someone's company. My mind was so preoccupied that I was least bothered about anything other than him. Preshika is my best friend. Should I be happy for her or should I be angry that she always takes away my little happiness. Perhaps I am not the kind who will be liked by any. Maybe I am supposed to spend my entire life alone. That thought made me break down. I wept and wept until I went blind. Oops! now that is embarrassing. Trying to hide my obvious misery I rubbed my eyes pretending to clear the dust that blinded me. As I kept walking, I stumbled upon something that helped me regain consciousness and the first thing I saw was a beautiful garden that immediately cheered me up. Yes nature talks to me. I am gifted that way. Many say loneliness is their companion whenever they are depressed. But me, I am never lonely. The swirling leaves, chirping birds , flower's scent everything seem to talk to me.

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Beginnings- Chapter 5

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By the time he reached home, the sky was clear and the streets were flooded as a result of the torrential rain. It was his favorite season of the year, the rainy season. He quickly changed over, made himself a cup of coffee, picked up his all time favorite book and went to sit in the balcony. The view from that balcony was priceless. He often compared it to paradise. As he surveyed the book,he sat down in a chair. The book was severely damaged because of the number of times he himself have read that book. How i never get bored no matter how many times i read this. !! Also the fact that she had presented this book on his 18th birthday made it even more special.! 

April 21, 2008

They had known each other for nearly 3 months. Since the day he met her, he always kept asking her about the "secret diary" and the only response he got was absolute silence. The more she denied, the more intrigued he became. He kept asking hoping one day she would open up. But to his disappointment, she was way to stubborn to even bend a little. Days passed. On a pleasant evening, after the classes, they were heading towards the bus stop. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Beginnings -Chapter 4

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It took few drops of rain to bring him back to his senses. It felt like he re-lived those moments but the reality hit him hard. He looked around. She had already left and he had no idea when it happened. As he took his next few steps, it had already started raining hard and the place around him looked deserted. Not knowing where to go, he ran towards his nearest shelter and sat down waiting for the rain to dissipate. But it didn't seem to happen anytime sooner. Frustrated, he took out his phone and found that it was out of charge. (Dammit! I always forget to do this. ) The rain seemed to gain momentum with every passing minute with the thunder and lighting making things worse, it felt like next to impossible to step out in this kind of weather. Tired as he already was, he lay down with his bag underneath his head. Something in his bag seemed to make him queasy. He delved into his bag and took out a key chain. It read "together forever "
How much ever he tried to keep her thoughts aside, he felt those thoughts like a boomerang hitting him back. Tears started flowing down his blemishless face and he just couldn't fight back his emotions. He hugged his bag tightly and cried hard.The sound of thunder storms helped him divert his mind and he suddenly found himself smiling looking hard at the key chain. He felt positive vibrations gushing through his entire body. For the first time in so many days, he felt happiness and hope. He thought, it could never be over and it never is meant to be. He kissed the key chain in his hand and muttered, "together forever indeed" and his thought drifted . 

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