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New Beginnings- Chapter 5

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By the time he reached home, the sky was clear and the streets were flooded as a result of the torrential rain. It was his favorite season of the year, the rainy season. He quickly changed over, made himself a cup of coffee, picked up his all time favorite book and went to sit in the balcony. The view from that balcony was priceless. He often compared it to paradise. As he surveyed the book,he sat down in a chair. The book was severely damaged because of the number of times he himself have read that book. How i never get bored no matter how many times i read this. !! Also the fact that she had presented this book on his 18th birthday made it even more special.! 

April 21, 2008

They had known each other for nearly 3 months. Since the day he met her, he always kept asking her about the "secret diary" and the only response he got was absolute silence. The more she denied, the more intrigued he became. He kept asking hoping one day she would open up. But to his disappointment, she was way to stubborn to even bend a little. Days passed. On a pleasant evening, after the classes, they were heading towards the bus stop. 

Ishitha:So tomorrow is a special day for you isn't it?
Pritam: Hey! I have never told you about my birthday. That's a surprise.  
Ishitha:ha ha! you will sooner find out that I am smarter than what you think I am.
Pritam: I never belittle you .!
Ishitha:Alright.! So birthday plans?
Pritam: You know, nothing special. It is just another day according to me where the only thing that changes is your age. 
Ishitha:Oh c'mon, its your 18th birthday. Don't give me that nothing special nonsense.
Pritam:Well ...
Ishitha:Now, don't you dare give me that poker face. Alright. Since you don't consider it special, I will make is special for you. You have been asking me for a very long time. I think its time I reveal what i keep writing in that diary of mine.
As she said this, she saw Pritam's pupil dilate and his faced expressed his I-have-never-been-more-happy look.
After failing to get a reply from him, she spoke..
Ishitha:This is the point where you are supposed to express how happy you are and say "I can't wait to meet you tomorrow."
Pritam: Oh nothing to be surprised about. I knew this day would come. Anyway thanks to your poor secret keeping ability, I get to hear it sooner.
Ishitha:huh! seriously.! You are unbelievable.! Get lost..!!!
Pritam:I could keep irritating you just to see this look on your face.
Out loud, oh yeah, can you deny? no right? 
Ishitha: Typical you! argghh! You don't get to hear it tomorrow. 
Pritam:Damn priority clash! I guess that cute look can wait. Okay I am terribly sorry .! I was just trying to pull your leg. You have no idea how long I have been waiting to hear that. Can't wait.!
Ishitha:Laughs.. I will consider that.
Having said this, she boarded the bus leaving him thinking.
Why can't she just amaze me tomorrow? Why did she have to talk about it when she is not gonna tell me until tomorrow. Why do girls love to keep guys guessing?? 
So many such thoughts kept clogging his mind. He couldn't concentrate in anything. After finally giving up, he retired to bed. As expected, he couldn't sleep. He looked around. The clock showed 8:00 PM. But to him it seemed like the hands of the clock did not move for at least an hour.He was counting even passing minute. He pulled out the phone from his pocket. They were quite a few advance birthday wishes messages but none from her. Disappointed, he closed his eyes and finally he slept.
He was awakened by her call at 12:00 AM. 
Ishitha:Hey Happy birthday!
Pritam:Thanks a lot!
Ishitha:Okay, good night, sleep tight!
Pritam:Wait! That's it?
Ishitha:yeah! What else do you expect?
Pritam:Nothing.! Good night. Like i could even sleep after this.
There were few other calls and he finally slept at 3 in the morning.

He got up at 7 in the morning and finished his morning chores as soon as possible and left to college. There she was, waiting for him in their meeting place with the diary in hand.
He scuffed towards her and sat next to her. She handed over the book to him.
He hastily opened the book and started reading.

September 19th 2007:

My first day at college. New people, new surrounding. People say I should act like a grown up. Does that mean everyone is just acting? Human race, man you have to evolve. *shrugs* Anyway that is not going to change anything about me. 
Everyone in my family are actually even more excited than I am. Consequences, I reached college an hour before the actual scheduled time for orientation/induction or whatsoever they call it. 
As i casually look around I saw a guy entering the hall! OMG! What a guy! 
I kept staring at him throughout the so called orientation. And I even tried to stalk him. I prayed hard that we should be put in the same class. The classes were to start the next day. I was so anxious, i couldn't sleep that night. The next day, as i was talking to me friend in the corridor, I was taken aback as I saw him approaching me and later entering my class.! Seriously!?? My class?
Awesome! I thought..! Even when the classes where going on, he kept staring at me. I couldn't control my happiness. As the class ended, he came to the desk where i was sitting and he introduced himself as Pritam to the girl sitting next to me. Damn! Reality slapped me hard. So it was her and not me.! I remained sullen the entire day.!

Pritam:*winking*Hey, so is it love at first sight? Am I that handsome? ;)
Ishitha: I don't believe in love at first sight. Just read on. You will eventually find answers for all your questions.
And he continues reading..

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  1. hey nice one :) its a very emotional story and d pacing is perfect for d episodic form... leaving readers in anticipation as to wat happens next,... cool :)

  2. Thanks Bala! :) To be very honest, even I am as clueless as the readers are once I am done penning down one chapter :D
    @Santa-Thanks :)

  3. archu... :) answer to tis?? Why do girls love to keep guys guessing?? nice one :) go in same pace :)

  4. its good :) lovd dis chapter too :)

  5. now i can't wait!!! its like the Harry Potter series... very nice archu..unakula ipadi oru thiramaya?? :P

  6. haha! Thanks Beti :) That's seriously a huge compliment! Thanks a ton :)

  7. Interesting....I like the matter-of-fact like discussion between Pritam and Ishita. However I had kind of imagined what he would find in the diary.


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