Monday, September 28, 2009

That "someone"!!

Not everyday in my life, do I get to meet that special one..
not everyday turns out to be a lucky one!!
But ya, one day I got to meet..
when I wished the time to freeze..
when I was completely filled with the feeling of ecstasy.
when everything surrounding me looked so beautiful.
when I could hear the chirping of birds day and night..
when I was totally lost in thoughts..
when all I wished was to stay beside him forever..
never ever thought such a thing would ever happen to me..
and when that finally happened, there was my mom next to me waking me up.,

Wake up.. its 6 and you gotta get ready!!

Then did I realise, it was all a dream and that its gonna remain  :P

I love you too, Zindagi! :)

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