Monday, September 28, 2009

That "someone"!!

Not everyday in my life, do I get to meet that special one..
not everyday turns out to be a lucky one!!
But ya, one day I got to meet..
when I wished the time to freeze..
when I was completely filled with the feeling of ecstasy.
when everything surrounding me looked so beautiful.
when I could hear the chirping of birds day and night..
when I was totally lost in thoughts..
when all I wished was to stay beside him forever..
never ever thought such a thing would ever happen to me..
and when that finally happened, there was my mom next to me waking me up.,

Wake up.. its 6 and you gotta get ready!!

Then did I realise, it was all a dream and that its gonna remain  :P


  1. why ma'am??
    cant such a thing happen to me?? ;) ;)

  2. it can happen..
    but it hasn't happened to u yet.. n i know that..:)

  3. Hey..!! Who does that "him" refer to???

  4. well!!
    its jus a dream!!
    got nothin to do with anyone :P

  5. Very good .. Hope you see him at the earliest!! :P

  6. i know who dat him is!!! ;)
    I lik ur mom u knw ;);D

  7. @beti-that "him" doesnt refer to anyone you see!! ;)

  8. how long ll u be saying this same lie..?? ;)

    ok nambitaen :P

  9. cool post!! truly enjoyable,... but u cud've made it a bit more longer... ;)

  10. @kishore- nambi dhan aaganom :P
    @bala- ya thought of makin it longer,but was too lazy to write :P n thanks!! :)

  11. the quizzes u take up in fb clearly depicts ur innocence ;) gud gal..!! :P

  12. Preview:"the xtract is expectd to deal with !THE! guy"----- Review:"The author has pushd every1 of us into a ocean of disgust, cud hav made the screenplay better"----- Rating: "1.5 star" { :P }----- Bottomline:" Read without consciousness,if not then u may hav to run away with some hope ahead!!! "

  13. hey nice blog....keep rockin:)

  14. @sashi- poda! you are plain jealous! :| :D

  15. I wish this dream comes true :)

  16. I'm sure you'll find him in real life also. Then, when you lie beside him peacefully, there will be no one to disturb you...


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