Thursday, December 24, 2009

The epitome of happiness..!!

Happiness as defined by a lay man-- "Its all about a tranquil life and yeah sophisticated indeed.. without any twists and bends.. and its all about him/her"
Its indeed disheartening to see how people are so selfish and self centered..
and when we see someone who is very caring and selfless, we are wonder struck. But that's how humans are supposed to be, is it not?? unfortunately a person who actually behaves like a human is alienated..

Happiness is just not about ourselves.. nothing can equal the glee that is obtained by making the people around us happy.. but most of us fail to understand that.. Try helping someone wholeheartedly and i bet you will know what the epitome of happiness actually mean.. The urge to earn and to lead a happy life(as defined by a lay man)has made him callous.. blasphemy prevails.. :| Few people have even gone to the extent of letting other people down if it adds a feather to one's cap.. Words like sacrifice has totally lost its meaning and i can see that they will soon be erased even from the dictionary.

The repercussions of selfishness is as follows :
1) Zero tolerance.
3)acting insane
4)fails to understand human emotions and also faking emotions
6)lacks the ability to adjust
8) superiority complex
and the list goes on and on..
this in short defines how today's humans are.. now can anyone deny that?? i bet none can.. And i don't think this is something to feel delighted.. We must realize that we and not superior to anyone nor is anyone to us..
how true is the saying "think before you leap"
if only people think twice before saying something,most of the problems can easily be avoided.. also there is nothing wrong is giving up.
say you fought with your friend. even if the mistake is on his/her part, a simple sweet sorry wont do any harm. it doesn't degrade you in any sense but rather elates you..
Life is just not about us.. look around and..
Even if you can't really help anyone, it doesn't matter.. if you are the reason for someone to laugh out loud, then you must indeed be "happy" :)
and finally defining happiness:

Its not about me, but about "WE"
Its not about saying i have this, i have that..
but its about people saying "i have got you , what else do i need?" ..
its not about gaining as much as you can, but its about giving as much as you can..:)



  1. Happiness and knowledge are the only two things which multiply by sharing...... Making others happy around u is the single greatest achievement a person can accomplish... That moment when we share the happiness around us, the moment when the beautiful smiles erupt around you.... No words can describe that momentary exhilaration..... Pursuit of Happniness has long been man's goal and good to see that put beautifully by you.... good work :)

  2. nice ...nice...nice...:)
    some thing to think...:)
    keep up the good work....

  3. and finally to end up the year with a revolutionary note........ ;)

    keep up ur work.....

  4. hahahaha:)

  5. nice one ! :) U seem to be in the pursuit of happiness !


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