Thursday, March 4, 2010

VTV-A feel good sensible love story :)

VTV expanded as "vinnai thandi varuvaya" starring Simbu and Trisha is a feel good love story.. A very sensible and practical one after such a long time.. I don't really remember how long its been since I saw a movie as this. A non commercial flick is what interests me a lot. This movie demands a mature audience for sure. All those who actually laughed seeing that movie, I should say “ you don’t want to accept the reality.” And for people who feel I am exaggerating, please quit reading immediately.. This is just not the kind of post that will interest you.
And now continuing with the topic.

With such an awesome cast, truly appreciable music and other veteran technicians, it surely is a feast to both eyes and ears.. Other than this, I wont go much in detail about the technicalities as I am not so good at that.. :P
Not to leave out the director. He deserves to be appreciated.. As everyone say, true that there is nothing new about the story. But the way its directed and the cinematography is all that matters..

The thing which can’t be expressed in words is human emotions and making a movie on it which is also thoroughly enjoyable is surely a Herculean task. And I must say that he has done justice to that. No doubt it’s a typical Gautham’s movie with so many instances relating to his previous movies, but happy to see that the second half was not a disaster as it was in vaaranam aayiram.. And then seeing Simbu in such a movie was enticing.. Never knew he could even act so well and also he will look so good.(yeah! Can’t stop drooling :P) Kudos to the entire crew. It was truly refreshing to see a movie without any bull shit punch dialogs, name sake fights and songs that were entirely unnecessary and totally annoying.

The main reason as to why I liked the movie was because it can so easily be related to us. None can deny that for sure. Every scene in the movie reminds us of so many things. It feels good to see reality on screen.

And another thing is the climax. Now many may disagree. But that’s how our society is. Totally obscure. Damn this conservativeness. I don’t really understand why are they being so prejudiced. But I never really get a proper answer.. hell. I am here to discuss about the movie.. (its too hard not to deviate from the topic) Well let me try not to deviate and discuss such stuffs in my future posts.

Trisha is undoubtedly beautiful.. And with her costume being designed wonderfully, she is surely a plus to the movie.
Last but not the least, ARR as always succeeds in astounding the audience.. The songs as well as the background score does magic.It captivates the audience.. All the songs fit so well in the movie. And that guy Ganesh(the one with Simbu throughout the movie) sure has a good humorous tone. That adds a tinge of humor to the movie. Thus making it complete :)
On an encapsulating note, this movie is surely one in thousand, which makes you feel nostalgic :)

I would say, do not miss this.! :)
Have fun :)
P.S:- I have used too many font colors on this particular post of mine to indicate that the movie is as colorful as this post :P


  1. ah.. The P.S, too much.. Well i loved the movie as well.. nostalgic n phenomenal.. i wished the movie never ended and continued portraying some more pinch of realities in life.. :)

  2. Booooooooooring first half.... I slept thru from omana penne to kannukkul song.... Fa me story is really really important and this had nothing new to offer me.... the only good thing was the climax which was too lil too late to be appreciated fully anyway.... ARR was as amazing as he can ever b.... making us buy tickets to something of a genere which already was a deja vu in mid eighties....

    VTV- "Style without Substance"

  3. nice post.. :) i liked d mov a lot too... d informal tone of d review was nice :)


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