Saturday, May 15, 2010

The "calm" after the "Storm"

The calm after the storm may ring a bell to many of you..
But if you are thinking exactly what i am thinking, then hey hi 5 :)
and for the rest.. well its nothing but the vacations..
2 months of sleepless nights, tormenting books, intimidating syllabus, complaining parents, what more could be best described as hell to a student as me(here, i am talking about a normal student, and not about i-finish-day-to-day-lessons-as-soon-as-i-go-home people)
It sure is..

let me make things clear before you start making presumptions.. by saying sleepless nights,i don't mean i study even at night..
Its quite often for people like me to get scary scary(totally) bizarre dreams especially during those times.. so that's what i mean by sleepless night ..
You have the entire syllabus left, you don't know what to read and what not to and you end up asking everyone "hey important questions please or hey how much have you studied"
Here again, there are two different possible things that can happen..
If the person you ask is a nerd,he/she will say "hey i have done only 2 units in 2 subjects which is sure enough to "wake you up" and you may end up doing half a unit..
But then if that person is in your league, then you will go back to square one which is forget-man-we-can-make-it-up-in-the-last-minute.. :P
so make sure you ask the right person..
Everything on earth becomes so interesting during exam times even "starring at the wall". :P
Well this is still better than the 11th hour preparations. Its 10 at night, and you are done with only 2 units and your exam is scheduled to be held the next day,whoa! what more can possibly define "insanity"?
you have no idea what to study and what not to.. even till the minute you enter the exam hall..
Then your only hope would be, "god,please i should pass and i promise i will study hard for the next exam"(though that "next" never comes) but we don't fail to make that promise..
This process continues till the last exam and when you come out of the hall on the last day of your exam, that moment, its something that cannot be expressed in words(so i don't take the effort to express it) :P
And finally its the calm after the storm.. the moment of ecstasy.
This has been the day you have been waiting for ever since exams begun and when its vacations,you feel so bored to do anything for that matter(and the reason for it,well research work is still going on :P)
and you feel, when the hell will college reopen.. and when the college reopens ,the monotonous life starts and you pray hard for a break.. (totally foolish but then the fact) and this continues every year..
and now being in vacations and thinking hard what to do, i thought i could bore you people with this so called blog and help you kill your boredom too :P (social service you see ;))
hey okay don't abuse me now.. :D
catch you in my next post..
take care
hafun!!! :) :)


  1. Captured the feeling of student community lik us in a fun filled, light hearted way :) Nice one :)

  2. well...y does my mind drift to results after reading dis:'(

  3. haha :) my job is done then :D


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