Thursday, January 13, 2011

The price we pay for democracy!!

To start with, Democracy means "for the people,of the people and by the people"
which clearly states, we the people of India get to choose the person who is going to lead us which implies he/she must have a sound knowledge or atleast a good leadership quality but its really depressing to see that its lacking in our country.
It either has to be that our country is no more a democratic one or that they have redefined democracy and it never hit the headlines.
I dare say that the root cause for all this is corruption!
Is corruption the price we pay for democracy??
In our so called democratic rule,people are lured into the act of bribery..
Recent scams prove beyond any shadow of doubt that money has an upper hand in almost any issue..

Should i mention the 2nd generation scam or the CWG scam or the Adarsh apartments scam.. The money involved is more than sufficient to bring about an evolution in our country..But the politician's in our country are so so so worried about their family's welfare(no count on how many are there) that there are least bothered about the country.. The people who get caught are what i call as scapegoats. There is so much going on in the backstage which goes unnoticed..
Kudos to the media people who atleast bring these issues to the limelight..

Even at the smaller scale,people bribe the policemen when they are accused of jumping the signal or something as trivial as that. It isn't as trivial as it seems to be. Jumping the signal can be a very serious issue if it costs the life of a pedestrian. There is a certain bunch of people who even justify that act of their's saying "its fun to break the rules" Seriously speaking, its very annoying to hear such crap.

As we notice,each and everyone of us contribute to the major factor,which keeps our country still a developing one. If this continues at this rate, then India 2020 will always remain an unfulfilled dream..
Recently,i had been to a village .. En route,we had to ply through many toll gates(no wonder,the private companies have done a very great job.The roads are so well maintained.) As it was festival season, we were charged half the rate and that money went straight into their pockets.
If i had to talk about the incidents,i can go on and on and it never has an end..
I sometimes even wonder,why is everyone so money minded??
A man with excess of money can never lead a peaceful life. This greed for money doesn't solve any purpose other than the never-ending desire to lead a very sophisticated life style..
As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said "be the change you want to see in the world, In a gentle way you can shake the world"
Exaggeration is not the word. To start with, each one of us should see to it that we keep our hands clean. Corruption is something very deeply rooted and effacing it out entirely is surely an herculean task.. But its definitely worth a try.. The youth of today has the power to change the world of tomorrow. Being one among them,lets start being responsible and make India 2020 a reality..!!


  1. After 6months a thought-provoking bash eh? Good one !! Our country ranks no.9 in the world's top corrupted countries !! Pathetic.. Corruption will persist as long as there are generous souls to open their pockets to get their job done !!

  2. good one to be back on track... :)
    in b/w shankar fan ah nee.. ;)

  3. @preethi-yeah.. its high time we "redefine" our constitutional rules!!!!
    @aravindan-lol :D
    @bhar-thanks :)

  4. As long as we have people like "Raja" we,as common people can't do anything but stand by and watch them loot our money. Those with power must act with conscience and step in to take action... Power alone can curb these people...

  5. nice post d :-)
    keep it up...soon ul b voted as our area MLA :-P

  6. nicely penned liked the way u hv started dis :)


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