Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Lost Symbol-A Review..!!

Expecting too much often leads to disappointment!
Here i would like to elucidate a few things. This book is definitely worth a read.. But then Dan Brown's profound way of explaining things is not always welcomed by many.. especially a person who is as impatient as i am.. None other than Robert Langdon( the Harvard symbologist) is the protagonist.. Brown has tried out the same formula. After the incredible success of Da Vinci ,its so unfortunate that it didn't work out much!!
The story begins with a guy(Malakh ,but never mind. we will call him the Bad guy for convenience) who is in search of a Lost Symbol which is supposed to hold ancient secrets which is understood only by the esoteric class which  when revealed to the world, can cause massive destruction and huge commotion. 

Robert Langdon is deluded into coming to Washington, D.C. by the bad guy who fakes himself as Peter Solomon's assistant or whatever(don't remember the precise details). Peter being his mentor and also the leader of Free Masons who are supposed to be guarding the secrets,Robert gave his assent immediately.. But only after reaching does he realize that the the invitation was a hoax. Robert is stupefied by the sudden change of events and  is entirely bemused of his presence there..
While trying to put the pieces together, he is called by the bad guy . To make things more worse,he tells him to find the lost symbol which is hidden beneath a staircase. Robert immediately knew what he was talking about and that thing which he said was considered a myth. Initially Robert doesn't take this bad guy seriously,but when he finds out that his dear Peter is in jeopardy ,he realizes the potential of the captivator and agrees to follow what he says..
Katherine (Peter's sister) is a scientist who believes that human mind has to potential to change the world and is researching on unleashing the potentials of human mind is also deceived into believing that this bad guy is actually Peter's friend and eventually falls into trap.. Meanwhile, the CIA also gets involved .The director of CIA keeps telling Langdon that its an issue of national threat keeps everyone in darkness.. Later it is revealed that the CIA director is a mason and she wants to stop the bad guy from disclosing the video of the ceremony which lets someone join the brotherhood.

Unlike Dan Brown's other books,this story doesn't have too much twists in the story.. All the while Robert keeps decoding the assembled pyramid and they keep running from everyone else.. I somehow feel that the book lacks reality..
Robert being a skeptic regarding this,always knows how to decrypt the pyramid. Prodigy i must say...!! 
The most disappointing part is that,the book is slow-paced. I even wondered if its Dan Brown who is the author.. The story was a drag. To be very frank,i was so bored for the first 200 pages and i used to read it just to beguile the time. Only then,it started to grow interesting.. Everyone has a history.. It turns out that the bad guy is Peter's son whom he abandons years ago and all that he wants is revenge..
The ending is very disappointing though.. All the while i have been wondering what that hidden mystery is, and after all that hype, my reaction at the end was "that's it???? " LITERALLY!!

Dan Brown knows how to make a thriller chilling and interesting...
But i so desperately need a change.. The plot,although totally awe-inspiring,his books are becoming very predictable.. So yes,as readers we would say,we need a change!!

I might have given you a very pessimistic view.. Just don't set your expectations high.. You will thoroughly enjoy reading the book.. :)


  1. Agreed. In fact, i've been telling you not to bother reading. Now, u've not only read this total waste of a book, also spent some time reviewing it. :P It's okay. You're just whiling away time right?? :P :D :) :)Enjoyed the review BTW :P

  2. The Lost symbol was a welcome break from Digital Fortress anyway.... Seems Dan brown cant do without Dr.Langdon... If his next oeuvre is to be a hit, then i suppose he has to let go of his repetitious formulae....

  3. @munch-yeah you did tel me .. but then even you have spent the same time reading the book and reading the review written by me :P
    anyway thanks :)


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