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Love Undefined - Chapter 7

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No matter what happened, she decided to talk it out the next day and set things right. If only I would be given a second chance,she prayed hard ...

The next day, Radha remained silent and it was very unusual of her. Priya was struck by guilt and the worst part was she had no idea what she should do to set things right. A voice inside her spoke, Give time some time Priya. Almost everything heals with the passage of time. All you have to do is be patient and wait. That sounds right,she thought but to no avail.With every passing day, she seemed to be living with strangers. Even Tarun seemed like a person she hardly knew. And finally the day came when Radha would be leaving to India. Their relationship had been so strained that all Priya could do was cry and cry about her misfortune and Radha wondering if she was really happy when her son got married. It all seemed so strange and weird. Everyone seemed to be speaking in silence except for Shrey of course.He had come to love his grand parents so much that he did not like it when they bid good bye to him. He wanted to leave with them and he somehow succeeded in strongly conveying that. It took a lot of her patience to calm Shrey down and by the end of the day, Priya was completely exhausted and she finally called it a day.

Days passed. Radha stopped skyping much. She spoke to her son for sometime and left as soon as possible. Tarun's rage was rising. He wanted to yell at Priya. But he knew he couldn't. After all both Priya and his mom acted they way how a mother and a grand mom would. Months passed. Tarun couldn't take it anymore and he decided to talk to Priya about it. Without further ado he called out Priya. Priya was taken by surprise. This is the 1st time since who-knows-how-many-days that Tarun had called her with little concern in his voice. She rushed to where he was and stood there . Silence filled the room and Priya could clearly listen to the rhythm of her heartbeat and she started counting. Anything to keep my mind off , she told herself. Tarun stood there with his eyes fixed on hers.
Just when Priya was losing her patience, he spoke. We are going to India next month.
Priya was so stunned and she stood there frozen. Tarun's words re-vibrated in her mind. She couldn't quite comprehend if it was anger or anxiety that she was feeling. Innumerable questions popped up in her mind but she couldn't find the courage to spit it out. So she decided to stay silent. Who knows what other surprises he's got in store for me, she mumbled. What? ?? Tarun sounded irritated. She decided not to speak against and decided to go with the usual stereotyped reply.
Nothing, she said out loud. 

Shopping and packing occupied her mind for the next few days.She didn't have to try so hard to distract herself. By now, Shrey had turned 2 and he wouldn't stop talking. Everything fascinated him. He was like the most adorable kid one could ask for. Atleast that is what Priya thought he is. If someone was most excited about the trip to India, then it was Shrey. Ofcourse he didn't know what it meant. All he knew was that it is where his thatha and paati(grandparents) lived. He would daily ask if he would be meeting them today and that ofcourse irritated Priya. Everytime he questions, that would send a chill down her spine. She wasn't very sure how she was going to confront Radha and make up for all the misunderstandings that has happened over the past few months. She tried hard to push that thought but it somehow kept resurfacing. Apparently her mind was not familiar with the quote "Let her cross the bridge when it comes" Days passed and finally the day came when they would be flying to India.
Being done with all the pre-boarding formalities and having nothing to do to kill the time, her thoughts drifted and thus began her longest  journey....

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