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Love Undefined - Chapter 7

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No matter what happened, she decided to talk it out the next day and set things right. If only I would be given a second chance,she prayed hard ...

The next day, Radha remained silent and it was very unusual of her. Priya was struck by guilt and the worst part was she had no idea what she should do to set things right. A voice inside her spoke, Give time some time Priya. Almost everything heals with the passage of time. All you have to do is be patient and wait. That sounds right,she thought but to no avail.With every passing day, she seemed to be living with strangers. Even Tarun seemed like a person she hardly knew. And finally the day came when Radha would be leaving to India. Their relationship had been so strained that all Priya could do was cry and cry about her misfortune and Radha wondering if she was really happy when her son got married. It all seemed so strange and weird. Everyone seemed to be speaking in silence except for Shrey of course.He had come to love his grand parents so much that he did not like it when they bid good bye to him. He wanted to leave with them and he somehow succeeded in strongly conveying that. It took a lot of her patience to calm Shrey down and by the end of the day, Priya was completely exhausted and she finally called it a day.

Days passed. Radha stopped skyping much. She spoke to her son for sometime and left as soon as possible. Tarun's rage was rising. He wanted to yell at Priya. But he knew he couldn't. After all both Priya and his mom acted they way how a mother and a grand mom would. Months passed. Tarun couldn't take it anymore and he decided to talk to Priya about it. Without further ado he called out Priya. Priya was taken by surprise. This is the 1st time since who-knows-how-many-days that Tarun had called her with little concern in his voice. She rushed to where he was and stood there . Silence filled the room and Priya could clearly listen to the rhythm of her heartbeat and she started counting. Anything to keep my mind off , she told herself. Tarun stood there with his eyes fixed on hers.
Just when Priya was losing her patience, he spoke. We are going to India next month.
Priya was so stunned and she stood there frozen. Tarun's words re-vibrated in her mind. She couldn't quite comprehend if it was anger or anxiety that she was feeling. Innumerable questions popped up in her mind but she couldn't find the courage to spit it out. So she decided to stay silent. Who knows what other surprises he's got in store for me, she mumbled. What? ?? Tarun sounded irritated. She decided not to speak against and decided to go with the usual stereotyped reply.
Nothing, she said out loud. 

Shopping and packing occupied her mind for the next few days.She didn't have to try so hard to distract herself. By now, Shrey had turned 2 and he wouldn't stop talking. Everything fascinated him. He was like the most adorable kid one could ask for. Atleast that is what Priya thought he is. If someone was most excited about the trip to India, then it was Shrey. Ofcourse he didn't know what it meant. All he knew was that it is where his thatha and paati(grandparents) lived. He would daily ask if he would be meeting them today and that ofcourse irritated Priya. Everytime he questions, that would send a chill down her spine. She wasn't very sure how she was going to confront Radha and make up for all the misunderstandings that has happened over the past few months. She tried hard to push that thought but it somehow kept resurfacing. Apparently her mind was not familiar with the quote "Let her cross the bridge when it comes" Days passed and finally the day came when they would be flying to India.
Being done with all the pre-boarding formalities and having nothing to do to kill the time, her thoughts drifted and thus began her longest  journey....

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Love Undefined - Chapter 6

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Shrey!!! Wait.. Radha bellowed..Shrey is now 1 year old. And he had recently discovered the art of moving around with 2 legs and is quite excited about it. When he had started walking, he takes few steps and then gives everyone a look-even-I-can-walk kinda look. There is now not a place in the house which he hasn't explored. He knows every nook and corner of the house. Not just the place but the things as well. Tarun's cell phone often is taken out from the washing machine whereas the keys somehow find its way to the refrigerator. Laptop is his favourite eating spot. The food and himself take turns on who sits on it.No you cannot fool him with a fake laptop.He knows to differentiate between the original and the duplicate. Radha cannot help but talk about how similar Tarun and Shrey are. Brag rather than talk. She would say that a minimum of 10 times a day. Even though it irritated Priya, she would pretend as if she's least bothered about what Radha says. One thing Priya could never tolerate is the way Radha pampers Shrey, just like the way she did to Tarun.
She had spoke about this to Tarun umpteen times and not once did she get a proper reply. She was afraid that she's gonna burst out someday and that day is not so far as with every passing day, her rage kept rising. This too shall pass, she convinced herself and fell asleep.

The next day dawned. They had a birthday party to attend. She was in no mood to get out of home that day. But again,social gathering are to be attended says Tarun. Hence she dressed up as soon as possible not really bothered about how she looked and they started. Shrey was becoming more and more adamant and Priya couldn't tolerate seeing her kid turning into a brat. But again,Tarun argued telling this is how kids of his age will behave. She found it pointless arguing with him. As they reached the party,everyone else had arrived. There were a group of ladies so busy in their own world . And the men were all busy chit chatting. The kids were busy giggling and playing around with the toys piled up. Shrey recognizing two of his friends, ran towards them and started playing. Radha ran behind him to keep a closer eye on him.No sooner they heard a loud cry. Everyone rushed to the place from where the noise originated. It was Shrey who had pushed another kid for not letting him play. Radha was sitting beside Shrey . Priya burst out on seeing what had happened. Do not make my son like yours,She yelled at Radha, picked up Shrey and left the place.

Their house was filled with nothing but silence that evening.Oblivion to his surrounding, Shrey was happily playing.Sooner everyone went to bed. Priya was lost in thoughts.She felt terrible about the way she shouted at Radha.Tarun was equally pissed that he did not utter a word to Priya. If at all looks could kill, he would have burnt her by now.All Priya could do was cry.She even doubted if this was the guy she had fallen madly in love with. Her only solace were the memories of the past.Those memories kept her sane.She had thought that when people are in love, nothing else mattered but she realized now that when you marry a guy, you marry his family and it is very essential to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone in the family.  No matter what happened, she decided to talk it out the next day and set things right. If only I would be given a second chance,she prayed hard ...

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Love Undefined Chapter 5

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Hopefully,she thought... But something told her that things are not gonna get any better. She tried hard to sleep, but she couldn't. When it comes to taking sides between mom and wife, the guy invariably supports his mom.

So much for 8 years of being in love,she shrugged.
Wouldn't you want that when it comes to Shrey? A voice from inside called out. Priya did not have an answer for that.

The voice went on. See this is the problem with you. You want everything to be as you want it to be. Why can't you digest the fact that she's his mom and that is never gonna change. Possessiveness is the sweetest and the most dangerous thing isn't it? she said out loud. That woke Tarun up.
What? He sounded irritated. 
No nothing, she whispered back.
It was obvious that she was disturbed and Tarun did not bother questioning further as he very well knew the reason.
Just go to sleep. You staying up all night and shouting random sentences is not gonna change anything,he said as he switched off the bed side lamp. 
Priya thought to herself, starting tomorrow, I am gonna try to be a better daughter in law. She smiled to herself and she drifted to sleep. 

The next day dawned. She had decided that the first step towards being a good DIL is getting up early.She had decided to get up by 4:30.Fail.It was 5:45 when she got up and Radha was already up.
Okay don't give up now. You can do it,she tried strengthening her determination.
She switched on the light and she took a look at Shrey and Tarun. Look at the way both sleep.Like dad like son , she thought and she scurried to finish all her morning chores and hurried to the kitchen to make some coffee.  
A day just cannot be called one without a cuppa coffee,she sighed.
She thought of draping herself in a Saree. But fail, she had long forgotten the art of wearing one. Her pep talk seem to have no effect with every passing moment. She thought of having a "friendly conversation" with her MIL and she started with a Good morning Ma. Radha smiled and replied back. Silence prevailed. Priya did not know how to proceed and she left the place embarrassed. Fail,fail and fail again, she sighed.
Her next venture was to prepare Radha's favourite food and did a pretty good job messing up with it.  
No wonder, she thought to herself.  
One thing that made her happy is that she managed not to keep a straight face when Radha was with Shrey and trying to boss Priya around. It did irritate her, but she managed to put up a smile on her face.

Meanwhile Radha was noticing the series of strange events happening around. She smirked, it takes a lot more than that to be a good DIL.
Tarun was having a good time watching this from a distance.
For once I get a chance to stay away and enjoy the show,he grinned.  

Days passed and with every passing day,Priya seemed less motivated towards being a good DIL. She was trying hard to keep a check on her temper. Priya knew that no one's at fault.
Its just the differences we have that is keeping us from getting along,she was talking to Tarun. I am clueless about how this works. You have no idea how badly I want this to work and how hard I am trying. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.
Tarun hugged her and spoke, I know Priya. I know how hard it is for you. I have been seeing you try so hard and I know how hard it is to convince my mom let alone satisfy her.Don't push yourself so much. Everything will be fine soon. I will talk to mom about this. Priya continued crying silently. She felt better crying on his shoulders and in no time, she was sound asleep...

(oh wait!!! Where is Shrey?? )

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Love Undefined Chapter 4

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Make it soon. We are going to be late to the airport,Radha was shouting at the top of her voice. Ever since Tarun confirmed their visit, Radha could never stop bragging about it. She had been calling up all her relatives and spoke nonstop about how lucky she is to have a son like Tarun. Its a boy, Tarun had said. From that day on, all her dreams were about her not yet born grandchild.He's gonna look exactly like our Tarun, she kept telling her husband. She no more felt insecure about losing her son. 
Are you done yet? The taxi arrived about ten minutes ago and you are still not done. Radha was way too anxious about their travel. This will be the first time she's flying and that mere thought made her nauseous. This will be the first time she's going far away from home . She did not like the idea of leaving home for a duration of 6 months but she thought to herself, anything for my son.


It took them another one hour to finally reach the airport. Being quite an observer, she kept turning her head 360 degrees and tried to survey the environment. Meanwhile, her husband was taking care of all the pre boarding formalities. And then someone caught her attention. He must be 2-3 years old. He was busy playing with something. It took her few minutes to realize that its an iPad similar to the one Tarun had gifted her. She approached him silently and sat in a seat next to him. He was still engrossed in the game of his. She took a peek. No luck.She could hardly guess what he was doing.

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Love Undefined - Chapter 3

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Happy birthday ma! It was Tarun on line.He is always the first person to wish her on her birthday and the tradition has never been altered.
Tarun, when are you planning to come to India? Its been 2 years since you got married and you are yet to visit us, Radha sounded excited.Whenever she talks to her son, her first dialogue always remained the same. When are you planning to visit us and Tarun answered with utmost patience every time he was asked that question.
Ma listen, its really hectic here and I am trying my best to get a month off. So please bear with me. I will definitely visit India soon. And did you like me gifts? he asked. 
Oh yeah gifts! Loved them. I never knew you noticed so much about us. He had gifted her an album. A journey till date since the day she got married. Precisely her journey with her husband. I got all overwhelmed when I saw that. And the other gift, well your dad is fiddling with it since morning and he still doesn't know how to operate it.
Ma, its an iPad , Tarun laughed. Since you have trouble using PC, Priya thought this would make things easy for you. Operating it is pretty easy.
Oh let me see. I never get a hang on all these things you know, Radha sighed.
Tarun cut in. Ma, there is something important I have got to tell you. Assume its your additional birthday gift, Tarun blurted out.
And there is more? Radha couldn't control her excitement. Tarun please spill the bean soon and don't keep me guessing, she spoke hastily.
Ma, we had been to the hospital today and the news is that you are gonna become a Grandma soon, Tarun said.

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My journey with Bhumi :)

I  don't really remember since when I have been planning to pen down my journey with Bhumi. For people who do not know what Bhumi is, Its an NGO for underprivileged kids. We at Bhumi enlighten those kids on various subjects which include Maths,Science, Computer and such. For more details, kindly visit Bhumi :)

August 27,2011

          It was 5:30 in the evening. That being the first day of my experience as a teacher/volunteer or however you would like to phrase it as, I was super excited and equally anxious. Before I could take the last few steps to reach the place, I took a quick walk down the memory lane. I remembered the 1st time I heard of Bhumi and since that day on, I badly wanted to be a part of it. So that day my long term wish was coming true and hence my excitement knew no bounds. I reached the place a little late because of my so-called-punctual-friend :P He was the one who was taking me there and so I had to wait for about 15-20 minutes for him to arrive. On reaching the place, I had a formal introduction with other fellow volunteers. Not being an extrovert has its own disadvantages. So I stood there silently surveying the kids around. When suddenly one kid came to me and spoke, Akka unga paer enna? (What is your name?) I was pleasantly surprised and I answered back, Archana, un paer? (Archana. And what is your name? ) and from that moment, I became one of them. All the other kids came and spoke to me and I lost the feeling that it was my 1st day. They had accepted me as their akka (didi).

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Love Undefined - Chapter 2

Please don't leave us.... Please.. Please reconsider your----- Radha wake up, Narayan was rattling her violently trying to bring her back to senses. Radha slowly opened her eyes and tears started rolling down her cheeks. It was just a dream, she cried. I am having this same dream ever since he left us, she spoke as she wiped the tears. Narayan who himself was going through an emotional turmoil couldn't find words that would comfort his wife. After a long silence, he spoke. Listen Radha, he might be married, he might be a hundred miles away , but nothing can shake the fact that he's our son. More than anything, I am bothered about your health right now. You have not eaten properly since he got married and you are always having a disturbed sleep. This is definitely not a good sign. Please stop worrying. He was terribly worried. Ever since Tarun got married, she was losing her identity. There have been terrible moments in my life when your smile did wonders, he spoke as he switched on the bedside lamp. Your mere presence makes me feel that there is nothing to be worried about as long as you are there to support me. My pillar of support. The agony that your eyes convey these days is very depressing. My wife who has always been so determined and stayed strong cannot be so vulnerable,he spoke with his eyes fixed on hers.  Venting out definitely eases out the pain, she thought. She was feeling better now. She looked around to see what time it was. The clock struck 4. She was in no mood to go back to sleep. She decided to get up and make some coffee. The day being Sunday, she was way too excited. It was on this day, that she will get to skype with her son. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sibling Bond

Feels good to be back after what feels like a lifetime.I was wondering what I am gonna post about. I can as well continue with my short story. I have been waiting to continue. But as you can very well see, something else took precedence. The title is self explanatory. :) 

I wonder when will you ever grow? Do you even realize you are elder to her ? Shouted my mom out of frustration. Yes it was us fighting again over something very trivial. It always is. 
Why should I when she is the one at fault? Can't I even defend myself and make my stand clear? I yell back at my mom. 
God knows how many times this has happened over the past 18 years. Believe me, it is not that easy to be an elder when you have a younger sister. I believe its easier to tackle a younger brother. At least that is what I hear. 

So it is said that being the eldest, there are certain norms to be followed.

1) Is it a fight? Give up, because you are the elder one.
2) Is is something that you both like? C'mon let her have it, because you know you are the elder one.
3) Does she wanna play with you and your friends? C'mon take her in, as you know you are the elder one. (This used to happen when we were kids :D)

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So I was asked to join this "TAG-athon" by Uma of Un-Lackadaisical Craps.
Thank you Uma for the tag. Not just for the tag, but also for making me write my 50th post :)
I am so sorry for taking so long to pen this down! been busy :P
So here goes the set of rules to be copy pasted..

  Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
    Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves,Answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you and Tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
   Rule#3:Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
          Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
         Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

11 things about me??? 
1) Looks are deceptive. I perfectly fit in that category. First impression about me would usually be "She seems reticent" Believe me, I am the exact opposite. Talk to me about anything under the sky. I am all ears..

2) I take pride in saying I am a volunteer with BHUMI. For those who don't know what Bhumi is, its an NGO . We at Bhumi teach kids who have so much calibre but lack exposure. More on that in my next post :)

3) I am not a morning person.One thing that I hate is to get up early in the morning. I can never compromise sleep for any damn thing.

4) Horror movies are so not my genre. Watching even a lame horror movie has a terrible effect on me for days.

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Love Undefined ... Chapter 1

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Tarun was all dressed up for the occasion. It was his D-Day. The day when he will be starting his own family with the girl he had been in love with for 8 years now. Being the only son to his parents, he underwent a pampered childhood. Starting from the day he was born, he became the world to his parents. His parents had often narrated their sleepless nights when he was an infant not with regret but with so much happiness. He became their first priority and hence his wishes. They sacrificed every desire of their's just to fulfill his wishes. He is 27 now and is also getting married. But to his parents, he's still their little adorable kid. He joined an engineering college of his choice and then left India for higher studies. After completing his PG, he decided to work there and that became his home. When he broke that news to his parents, they hid their tears behind their smile as all they had ever wanted was for him to be happy.
Radha, can you believe that our son is getting married? It feels like yesterday that he started going to school and now he's getting married. Time flees with the blink of an eye.. Narayan exclaimed..!

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New Beginnings - Finale!!!

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The next day dawned. Preshika was asked to take Ishitha to the coffee shop near her house.Preshika did not want to get involved in this.But unknowingly she was also one of the reason they broke up.So she wanted to make up for it. She dialed Ishitha's number. Tring tring... And it went on and on until the line went dead. She dialed again. On the second ring, the line connected.
Yeah tell me Preshika, why have you called? Ishitha sounded rude. 
Preshika hesitated for a moment . She gathered her courage and spoke, Well Ishtitha, today is Shilpa's birthday.We are planning to throw a surprise party. Are you in? Silence prevailed for few minutes . Hey are you listening, Preshika inquired.
Yeah well I have never spoken much to Shilpa.I am not really interested to come,Ishitha replied. 
Yeah I know that. This will be our last year together.So we thought of having a get together.All our classmates will be coming.Please do come. Preshika requested.
What do you mean all our classmates?You mean EVERYONE? Ishitha couldn't control her anxiety.
No not everyone. Only girls,said Preshika.

Ishitha finally gave in after an endless argument. They discussed the venue and the time and finally hung up. What a stubborn girl, Preshika wondered.
The clock ticked 10:00. Having nothing to do, Ishitha started from home. The get together was scheduled at 10:30.But well it was Ishitha. They knew Ishitha would reach the place early. So they had it all pre-planned. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy birthday :)

On february 15th 2009, I met you for the very first time. I remember. It was around 2:00 in the afternoon. It was an accident. We did not plan on meeting. But still we did and in this 3 years, we have got really close. So close that I wanna spend everyday with you. Hope we stay close forever. You showed me the way to vent out anger, frustration and despair. You showed me the way to follow my passion no matter what comes my way.Love you with all my heart :)
Happy birthday my dear blog :) :) 

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New Beginnings - Chapter 11

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She lost her hope that they would be ever back together. She had accepted what fate had offered her. She had given away all her self respect and had literally fallen at his feet , but he did not show an iota of respect towards her.She placed her relationship before her ego but he did not seem to bother. She decided to "mind her own business" as he had asked her to. Few days passed. Even though she did not make an attempt to patch up with him after the way he ill treated her, a part of her wanted him badly. She missed his presence more than anything in the world.She had none to talk to about her misery other than her dear diary. She poured her heart out to her diary until she began to feel light. This happened every other day....

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New Beginnings - Chapter 10

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"Its over" he had said. It kept ringing in her ears. She was guilt filled. She knew that she went overboard by bringing her friend in the conversation. She wanted to do everything in her power to save the relationship but something told her that the damage is done and its beyond repair. She wanted someone by her side, comforting her and reassuring her the way he does. His voice kept echoing in her ears. She badly wished she could take back her words. She wanted to apologize to him but she couldn't find the courage within her. She wept in silence. She finally decided to make a call and fiddled for her mobile and dialed his number as soon as she could. It kept ringing and the receiver did not respond. He doesn't wanna talk to me. I have made a terrible mistake, She cried.Or may be his mobile is in silent mode and he did not notice my call,her optimistic voice called out. She redialed. Again, no answer. She kept dialing and after god-knows-how-many-missed-calls, the female on the line replied The mobile number you are trying to reach is currently switched off. Frustration filled,she threw her mobile as far as her hand could stretch. Her next thought was to see if he was online. She logged into Facebook and Gmail . He was online. She immediately pinged him. Seeing her ping, he instantly went offline. She couldn't control her tears. If only I want a second shot at something, I swear to God it would be him. The feeling of living a life without him teared her heart apart. Staying up did not seem to do any good. So she called it a day and went to bed.After a really long struggle, she finally slept.

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New Beginnings - Chapter 9

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On her way to the garden, so many baffling thoughts were lingering on her mind. "I wanna talk to you about something important", he had said. She thought, it definitely was a tricky sentence and it kept her mind preoccupied. Her mind kept shouting so many questions which were left unanswered. So she started imagining every possible explanation for that. Did I do something wrong? she wondered. Does he wanna break up with me? One part of her said everything is fine while the other kept hinting her that something was wrong. She wondered if he had second thoughts while committing to this relationship considering herself as a compromise he settled to considering the fact that he first looked like he was interested in her friend Preshika. After a long battle with herself, she finally gave up and decided to let him talk before arriving at any conclusion. So she dressed up as soon as possible and left her house. She always had the habit of reaching early and even that day she was 10 minutes early. That ten minute wait seemed like forever. With every passing minute, her pulse kept increasing. And finally the moment arrived. He approached her. She did not utter a word. She wanted him to get to the point immediately. He sensed the tension in the air and to ease her tension, he started with his usual trick to make her smile. He told her, "Hey you look so beautiful today sweetie!" and he smiled at her. But she just kept staring at him. Having failed in his attempt, he started to say, look Ishitha I need my space. And the rest fell into deaf ears. Though it was a very ordinary statement, she felt queasy. He kept saying something and finally when there was silence , she replied, “Ok if that's what you want and they left.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~~Engulfing Darkness~~

Here I sit, staring at the sky 
wondering if my life is as blank 
the darkness engulfing me
trying hard to break free
my vision blurred with the tear drops
fighting their way, oblivious to the outside world
embarrassment holding them tight
as I wait for the source of light
to illuminate the darkness
I am betrayed for the umpteenth time.
Still there lies a tinge of hope
like the stars that adorn the sky,
that sparkles its way throughout the night.
I will wait, wait for that day
when wishes would be fulfilled, 
dreams would come true.
If fate is iron strong,
so is my faith..!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Beginnings-Chapter 8

Previous Chapter: New Beginnings Chapter 7

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It was a foggy evening. The sky was clouded and blurred by the water droplets. Pritam was walking on a lonely road not really bothered about anything around him. The winds were blowing hard .The air gushed through his lungs and he lived every moment of it. The roads were steep thus allowing him to descend easily. At that moment, he saw a girl approaching him. It took him a while to realize it was Ishtiha. Without any hesitation, he walked towards her. She was taken aback by his presence. Silence prevailed for sometime. His inside kept shouting "break the ice" , so did hers. After what seemed like an eternity, both opened their mouth and uttered sorry which synchronized. All of a sudden, a heavy burden seem to have lifted from their head and they felt a sense of relief. Involuntarily he approached to hug her and she did not resist. It has been 5 months since they spoke with each other. Pritam asked, so how have you been albeit knowing the answer for that question. She took some time to reply trying to rephrase her answer that would try to hide her obvious misery. After failing in her attempt, she thought of going with "It was hell" and tears started rolling round her cheeks. He wiped those tears and said, after what I had been through, living in hell would be a bliss and turned his head away to make his tears invisible. No matter what happened, we are both responsible for it and I am extremely sorry for letting you go. I promise I will never ever let you go, at least not in this lifetime. He grabbed her and wrapped her with his hands and softly whispered , you are mine and you will be forever ♥  

I love you too, Zindagi! :)

Hello there! :)  Its been a while hasn't it , well I can imagine some of you yawning and rolling your eyes. Ok I think I will just cut...