Saturday, May 19, 2012

My journey with Bhumi :)

I  don't really remember since when I have been planning to pen down my journey with Bhumi. For people who do not know what Bhumi is, Its an NGO for underprivileged kids. We at Bhumi enlighten those kids on various subjects which include Maths,Science, Computer and such. For more details, kindly visit Bhumi :)

August 27,2011

          It was 5:30 in the evening. That being the first day of my experience as a teacher/volunteer or however you would like to phrase it as, I was super excited and equally anxious. Before I could take the last few steps to reach the place, I took a quick walk down the memory lane. I remembered the 1st time I heard of Bhumi and since that day on, I badly wanted to be a part of it. So that day my long term wish was coming true and hence my excitement knew no bounds. I reached the place a little late because of my so-called-punctual-friend :P He was the one who was taking me there and so I had to wait for about 15-20 minutes for him to arrive. On reaching the place, I had a formal introduction with other fellow volunteers. Not being an extrovert has its own disadvantages. So I stood there silently surveying the kids around. When suddenly one kid came to me and spoke, Akka unga paer enna? (What is your name?) I was pleasantly surprised and I answered back, Archana, un paer? (Archana. And what is your name? ) and from that moment, I became one of them. All the other kids came and spoke to me and I lost the feeling that it was my 1st day. They had accepted me as their akka (didi).

From that day till today, learning has always been mutual.I am not an excellent teacher.But I would love to take that extra step to make myself better for those kids, seeing how talented they are. One thing that agitates me is the bias that the children of our country face. Kids who are capable of out performing hardly get even the basic exposure. Those kids have so much interest to learn when someone is ready to teach them something new. Since that day on till today, teaching them has always been fun. So does it end with teaching? No :) They will be having competitions where they will be competing with kids from various other centers and yes they will be given prizes. This doesn't end here. There is a cultural even for the kids all over India. Joy to the World is an initiative that spreads joy to the kids in gift wrapped packages. And it goes on and on. :)

No matter how terrible my mood is, spending few hours with those kids makes me forget the world outside . Society has given us so much that its time we give back the society. So, come join us :)


  1. Nice to hear and read about such welfare initiatives..If only our country had more like-minded people...Lovely post.

    1. Yeah :) Every year more and more people are joining Bhumi and their contribution has led to a tremendous growth :) Our country is heading in the right direction at least in this regard :) Thank you :)


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