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Love Undefined Chapter 5

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Hopefully,she thought... But something told her that things are not gonna get any better. She tried hard to sleep, but she couldn't. When it comes to taking sides between mom and wife, the guy invariably supports his mom.

So much for 8 years of being in love,she shrugged.
Wouldn't you want that when it comes to Shrey? A voice from inside called out. Priya did not have an answer for that.

The voice went on. See this is the problem with you. You want everything to be as you want it to be. Why can't you digest the fact that she's his mom and that is never gonna change. Possessiveness is the sweetest and the most dangerous thing isn't it? she said out loud. That woke Tarun up.
What? He sounded irritated. 
No nothing, she whispered back.
It was obvious that she was disturbed and Tarun did not bother questioning further as he very well knew the reason.
Just go to sleep. You staying up all night and shouting random sentences is not gonna change anything,he said as he switched off the bed side lamp. 
Priya thought to herself, starting tomorrow, I am gonna try to be a better daughter in law. She smiled to herself and she drifted to sleep. 

The next day dawned. She had decided that the first step towards being a good DIL is getting up early.She had decided to get up by 4:30.Fail.It was 5:45 when she got up and Radha was already up.
Okay don't give up now. You can do it,she tried strengthening her determination.
She switched on the light and she took a look at Shrey and Tarun. Look at the way both sleep.Like dad like son , she thought and she scurried to finish all her morning chores and hurried to the kitchen to make some coffee.  
A day just cannot be called one without a cuppa coffee,she sighed.
She thought of draping herself in a Saree. But fail, she had long forgotten the art of wearing one. Her pep talk seem to have no effect with every passing moment. She thought of having a "friendly conversation" with her MIL and she started with a Good morning Ma. Radha smiled and replied back. Silence prevailed. Priya did not know how to proceed and she left the place embarrassed. Fail,fail and fail again, she sighed.
Her next venture was to prepare Radha's favourite food and did a pretty good job messing up with it.  
No wonder, she thought to herself.  
One thing that made her happy is that she managed not to keep a straight face when Radha was with Shrey and trying to boss Priya around. It did irritate her, but she managed to put up a smile on her face.

Meanwhile Radha was noticing the series of strange events happening around. She smirked, it takes a lot more than that to be a good DIL.
Tarun was having a good time watching this from a distance.
For once I get a chance to stay away and enjoy the show,he grinned.  

Days passed and with every passing day,Priya seemed less motivated towards being a good DIL. She was trying hard to keep a check on her temper. Priya knew that no one's at fault.
Its just the differences we have that is keeping us from getting along,she was talking to Tarun. I am clueless about how this works. You have no idea how badly I want this to work and how hard I am trying. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.
Tarun hugged her and spoke, I know Priya. I know how hard it is for you. I have been seeing you try so hard and I know how hard it is to convince my mom let alone satisfy her.Don't push yourself so much. Everything will be fine soon. I will talk to mom about this. Priya continued crying silently. She felt better crying on his shoulders and in no time, she was sound asleep...

(oh wait!!! Where is Shrey?? )

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Love Undefined Chapter 4

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Make it soon. We are going to be late to the airport,Radha was shouting at the top of her voice. Ever since Tarun confirmed their visit, Radha could never stop bragging about it. She had been calling up all her relatives and spoke nonstop about how lucky she is to have a son like Tarun. Its a boy, Tarun had said. From that day on, all her dreams were about her not yet born grandchild.He's gonna look exactly like our Tarun, she kept telling her husband. She no more felt insecure about losing her son. 
Are you done yet? The taxi arrived about ten minutes ago and you are still not done. Radha was way too anxious about their travel. This will be the first time she's flying and that mere thought made her nauseous. This will be the first time she's going far away from home . She did not like the idea of leaving home for a duration of 6 months but she thought to herself, anything for my son.


It took them another one hour to finally reach the airport. Being quite an observer, she kept turning her head 360 degrees and tried to survey the environment. Meanwhile, her husband was taking care of all the pre boarding formalities. And then someone caught her attention. He must be 2-3 years old. He was busy playing with something. It took her few minutes to realize that its an iPad similar to the one Tarun had gifted her. She approached him silently and sat in a seat next to him. He was still engrossed in the game of his. She took a peek. No luck.She could hardly guess what he was doing.

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