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Love Undefined - Chapter 6

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Shrey!!! Wait.. Radha bellowed..Shrey is now 1 year old. And he had recently discovered the art of moving around with 2 legs and is quite excited about it. When he had started walking, he takes few steps and then gives everyone a look-even-I-can-walk kinda look. There is now not a place in the house which he hasn't explored. He knows every nook and corner of the house. Not just the place but the things as well. Tarun's cell phone often is taken out from the washing machine whereas the keys somehow find its way to the refrigerator. Laptop is his favourite eating spot. The food and himself take turns on who sits on it.No you cannot fool him with a fake laptop.He knows to differentiate between the original and the duplicate. Radha cannot help but talk about how similar Tarun and Shrey are. Brag rather than talk. She would say that a minimum of 10 times a day. Even though it irritated Priya, she would pretend as if she's least bothered about what Radha says. One thing Priya could never tolerate is the way Radha pampers Shrey, just like the way she did to Tarun.
She had spoke about this to Tarun umpteen times and not once did she get a proper reply. She was afraid that she's gonna burst out someday and that day is not so far as with every passing day, her rage kept rising. This too shall pass, she convinced herself and fell asleep.

The next day dawned. They had a birthday party to attend. She was in no mood to get out of home that day. But again,social gathering are to be attended says Tarun. Hence she dressed up as soon as possible not really bothered about how she looked and they started. Shrey was becoming more and more adamant and Priya couldn't tolerate seeing her kid turning into a brat. But again,Tarun argued telling this is how kids of his age will behave. She found it pointless arguing with him. As they reached the party,everyone else had arrived. There were a group of ladies so busy in their own world . And the men were all busy chit chatting. The kids were busy giggling and playing around with the toys piled up. Shrey recognizing two of his friends, ran towards them and started playing. Radha ran behind him to keep a closer eye on him.No sooner they heard a loud cry. Everyone rushed to the place from where the noise originated. It was Shrey who had pushed another kid for not letting him play. Radha was sitting beside Shrey . Priya burst out on seeing what had happened. Do not make my son like yours,She yelled at Radha, picked up Shrey and left the place.

Their house was filled with nothing but silence that evening.Oblivion to his surrounding, Shrey was happily playing.Sooner everyone went to bed. Priya was lost in thoughts.She felt terrible about the way she shouted at Radha.Tarun was equally pissed that he did not utter a word to Priya. If at all looks could kill, he would have burnt her by now.All Priya could do was cry.She even doubted if this was the guy she had fallen madly in love with. Her only solace were the memories of the past.Those memories kept her sane.She had thought that when people are in love, nothing else mattered but she realized now that when you marry a guy, you marry his family and it is very essential to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone in the family.  No matter what happened, she decided to talk it out the next day and set things right. If only I would be given a second chance,she prayed hard ...

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  1. I read this one part and yes, I went to that index link and read 'em all :D :)
    I like the flow! I like how its going..
    Coming to this one :
    parenting, circumstances leading to love fade, the end para describing her fears.. its all apt and nicely written.

  2. Nycily written :) The Art of Script Writing !


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