Thursday, May 12, 2016

You, Me and (not) our love story - Chapter 2

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It was still raining. But that didn't seem to stop her. She was in an unusually good mood. She wasn't the type of girl who made men turn their heads in awe. Sure, she had big beautiful eyes, jet black hair that reached a little below her shoulders and a perfect jaw line which only accentuated her already perfect smile and those mesmerizing dimples that showed up every once in a while if and when she had a hearty laugh. But all this often goes unnoticed as she liked to keep a low profile. The closest that she had ever come to make up was using a Kohl and eyeliner occasionally. Her eyes radiated so much confidence and spoke volumes to someone who was observant. She was used to hearing as to how beautiful her smile was, but this compliment about her eyes totally caught her off guard. She was intrigued. She wanted to get to know that person who could read so much into her and yet she had absolutely no clue as to how he even looked.
Damn you Avanti, She cursed herself. Its not like you meet men like him on a daily basis. But you had to embarrass yourself like that in front of him didn't you? 

She quickly started recollecting what all she knew about him. What is that one important quality that an author must possess, she quizzed herself. Imagination!! squeaked her mind. Over the course of years,she had made up a couple of imaginary characters in her mind. So up till now, there was idealistic Avanti(IA), overly dramatic Avanti(ODA), smitten Avanti(SA), jocular Avanti(Javanti) and finally the one and only sane one, not so Avanti(NA). Well because you know, I am anything but sane, she chuckled. 

So Avanti, you met a guy, medium height lets say? It was none other than IA
Hey I think he was little taller than that, SA cried out.
Oh you guys, remember how he was sitting and was gone the next minute, reasoned NA and so this argument is baseless.
I hate how she is always right, whispered ODA.
Lets discuss his dreamy eyes, pitched in SA.
You know smitten is an understatement. You should be called obsessed. And you are this close to becoming a stalker, Javanti guffawed and the rest joined in.
This went on for some time and they reached a conclusion that it was impossible to track him down. She continued walking, feeling dejected.

As soon as she reached home, she hastily put down her bag and logged in to her laptop. On her way back, she had dropped a message to her boss saying she will connect from home. And so she had to. She had a couple of emails and she started responding to them, almost typing unconsciously. When will I ever muster the courage to quit and do something  I want to, she sighed. She hated her job. She religiously did. But somehow she was still working. The money was good. Job nature wasn't very demanding. And hence she continued. After about 2 hours, she thought of taking a break. She logged into her facebook account and the 1st post she chanced upon was about some trip to Ladakh. Out of curiosity, she navigated to that link only to find herself so captivated by what the trip had to offer. And in no time, she was drafting an email to her boss telling him that she will be going on a vacation for about 15 days in another 2 weeks. 

LADAKHHH!!!!! All her inner voices screamed in unison.

To be continued...

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