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Love Undefined Chapter 4

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Make it soon. We are going to be late to the airport,Radha was shouting at the top of her voice. Ever since Tarun confirmed their visit, Radha could never stop bragging about it. She had been calling up all her relatives and spoke nonstop about how lucky she is to have a son like Tarun. Its a boy, Tarun had said. From that day on, all her dreams were about her not yet born grandchild.He's gonna look exactly like our Tarun, she kept telling her husband. She no more felt insecure about losing her son. 
Are you done yet? The taxi arrived about ten minutes ago and you are still not done. Radha was way too anxious about their travel. This will be the first time she's flying and that mere thought made her nauseous. This will be the first time she's going far away from home . She did not like the idea of leaving home for a duration of 6 months but she thought to herself, anything for my son.


It took them another one hour to finally reach the airport. Being quite an observer, she kept turning her head 360 degrees and tried to survey the environment. Meanwhile, her husband was taking care of all the pre boarding formalities. And then someone caught her attention. He must be 2-3 years old. He was busy playing with something. It took her few minutes to realize that its an iPad similar to the one Tarun had gifted her. She approached him silently and sat in a seat next to him. He was still engrossed in the game of his. She took a peek. No luck.She could hardly guess what he was doing.

She thought of striking a conversation with him. Hey kid, what is that you are playing? He replied something, but that was immaterial as she had already started day dreaming about her grandson . An announcement brought her back to the reality. The boy was still busily playing, not glancing away even for a fraction of a second.  
She smiled, Can you teach me how to operate this?
Hearing that the kid started laughing and spoke, You are this big and you don't know how to operate this? He kept giggling.She was taken aback and she decided not to converse further and hence went back and stood next to her husband.
She was now seated in the plane and to her surprise the kid took a seat next to hers.Too adorable to avoid, she decided to talk to him again and sooner they became good friends.The rest of the journey went in a jiffy and she couldn't bring herself to say goodbye when they had landed. As she came out of the airport , there was her son, waiting to pick them up. She rushed to hug him. Tears of happiness started rolling down her cheeks.
Ma, do you wanna meet your grandson or not?, Tarun laughed.
She had only seen pictures of him and couldn't wait to meet him.  Yes of course.Come lets leave, she spoke hastily.  Tarun , you know I met a  kid during my journey and I was so reminded of Shrey. How is he doing? 
Tarun smiled, see for yourself. 
As they reached the place, Priya welcomed them home and spoke,he is sleeping in the other room and he might wake up anytime now.
Radha couldn't wait and so she tiptoed to the room and sat next to him. She placed her index finger on his hand and he wrapped her finger tightly. She gave a gentle kiss on his forehead and went back to where everyone was sitting. The jet lag seem to take toll on her but she did not want to go to bed , not without seeing Shrey. As they were talking, Shrey came crawling out of the room and looked at the strangers in his house. Radha ran to pick him up and no sooner he started crying. Priya took him away saying he's not that comfortable with strangers yet. Radha was hurt but did not respond. She was happy as long as she could see him even if it was from a distance. She tried to play with him but in vain. Whenever she approached him, he would cry and hence she stayed away.

Days passed and all she could do was watch him from a distance. One day as she was watching tv, he came crawling to her with his favorite toy in his hand and placed it on her lap. She without any second thought, picked him up. He was grinning wildly. The rest of the day, she did not let him get away from her.She insisted that she will feed him, put him to sleep and everything else that a mom should be doing. Priya did not mind for a few days but as days passed, she was starting to get irritated and she spoke about this to Tarun. Tarun did not really bother to reply. But as she continued with her jibber jabber(at least that's what he thought it was) he shouted, so what? Who are you to ask her not to play with her grandson? For god's sake Priya, be sensible and grow up.
Priya stood there aghast. It took Tarun few seconds to realize the depth of his words and he immediately apologized. Never had he said something like this all these years. It took him few minutes to console Priya and assure her everything is gonna be alright . Priya thought, hopefully...... 

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