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Love Undefined - Chapter 3

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Happy birthday ma! It was Tarun on line.He is always the first person to wish her on her birthday and the tradition has never been altered.
Tarun, when are you planning to come to India? Its been 2 years since you got married and you are yet to visit us, Radha sounded excited.Whenever she talks to her son, her first dialogue always remained the same. When are you planning to visit us and Tarun answered with utmost patience every time he was asked that question.
Ma listen, its really hectic here and I am trying my best to get a month off. So please bear with me. I will definitely visit India soon. And did you like me gifts? he asked. 
Oh yeah gifts! Loved them. I never knew you noticed so much about us. He had gifted her an album. A journey till date since the day she got married. Precisely her journey with her husband. I got all overwhelmed when I saw that. And the other gift, well your dad is fiddling with it since morning and he still doesn't know how to operate it.
Ma, its an iPad , Tarun laughed. Since you have trouble using PC, Priya thought this would make things easy for you. Operating it is pretty easy.
Oh let me see. I never get a hang on all these things you know, Radha sighed.
Tarun cut in. Ma, there is something important I have got to tell you. Assume its your additional birthday gift, Tarun blurted out.
And there is more? Radha couldn't control her excitement. Tarun please spill the bean soon and don't keep me guessing, she spoke hastily.
Ma, we had been to the hospital today and the news is that you are gonna become a Grandma soon, Tarun said.

REALLY??? Radha spoke at the top of her voice. Tarun this is the best ever birthday gift that I have ever received. Tears of happiness started flowing down her cheeks. She couldn't find words to express her happiness. Tarun could sense the happiness even though he was a hundred miles away . Tarun , put Priya on line, Radha said.
Yeah sure mom. Just hang on, he said as he handed over the phone to Priya.
Happy birthday Ma, Priya spoke with a soft tone. Thanks Priya . You both just made my birthday the best ever. Priya blushed and not knowing what to say remained silent. Radha then went on and on about how careful Priya should be without a pause .Priya listened sincerely to the endless list of do's and don'ts and then handed over the phone to Tarun. Ma listen,  How much would you like to visit us, Tarun smiled. Radha was pleasantly surprised by that question. She had imagined that day when she will be visiting her son but did not expect it to come this soon. She was lost in thoughts . It took her few minutes to come back to reality. Tarun, don't you know how much I would love that? she sounded overjoyed. I know Ma, Tarun smirked. So I was wondering if you would like to come here sometime next year so that you can spend quality time with your grandchild.
Do you even have to ask that Tarun? she quizzed. It is an obvious yes. She was very much thrilled at the way things were unfolding. Her happiness knew no bounds. After all my prayers didn't go unanswered, she thought.
While she was talking, she heard the doorbell ring. Tarun, there is someone at the door. I will talk to you later. Take care of yourself and of course Priya.
Of course Ma, and you too and then the line went dead.
She hung up with a wide grin speaking to herself, best day ever.

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  1. Mega Serial in the making? :P Cant wait when MIL and DIL fight ;)

    1. Is it that boring? :( And the fight is so not gonna happen :P

  2. Hey its another good chapter :) Expecting Konjam more spice n salt :P :P Waiting for the next one :)

    1. Haha.. Will try to :) I dun seem to get a hang on this story :( :P

  3. Exactly as Manish said. Plus I m expecting a fight between tarun and priya too ;) Wished for a twist in this chapter ! :)

    1. haha :) Lets see Preethi :) I wish I could bring about a twist in the story :D


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