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New Beginnings - Chapter 11

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She lost her hope that they would be ever back together. She had accepted what fate had offered her. She had given away all her self respect and had literally fallen at his feet , but he did not show an iota of respect towards her.She placed her relationship before her ego but he did not seem to bother. She decided to "mind her own business" as he had asked her to. Few days passed. Even though she did not make an attempt to patch up with him after the way he ill treated her, a part of her wanted him badly. She missed his presence more than anything in the world.She had none to talk to about her misery other than her dear diary. She poured her heart out to her diary until she began to feel light. This happened every other day....

He was happy the first few days thinking that he was out of the "wrong company". But with every passing day, he started feeling otherwise until it dawned on him that he had lost what he cherished the most, her love.Aren't girls always that possessive? he thought. It only means that they care the most right. What did I think I was doing when I yelled at her? When I don't even understand her, how can I be the right person for her? She literally went on her knees and I am such a cold hearted person to not even melt a little. She apologized for her part. I shouldn't have over reacted the way I did. If not her, then who will be my best friend/lover/well wisher. I am such a jerk. .With every passing day,he had lesser time to set things right. They were approaching the end of their college life and he knew he wouldn't have another chance if he did not utilize the opportunity at hand.
Every time he saw her, something pricked him hard. Guilt it was. He knew that very well. I should make her feel like a princess that she is. A mere apology wouldn't do justice after all that I have done,he thought. He wanted to make her feel protected and he wanted her to believe in him. He wanted to wipe out that insecure feeling she had forever. I want her to know that there is no other person in this world who can ever take me away from her. 
He sat down to plan. She should never forget this day in her lifetime. After about an hour, he had his plan ready. But he knew he couldn't work this out all by himself. He needed people to help him and he went to his friends for help. After explaining the plan in detail, his friends said in unison, "I am in man" He was super excited. For his plan to work, he needed Ishitha's friends help as well. He called up Preshika, and elucidated the plan to her. After a prolonged thought process, she finally conceded to his plan and said she would talk to few other girls to help him out with his plan.

So with everything set, he waited anxiously for the next day to dawn. It was a Sunday. A perfect day for a perfect happy ending, he thought. He couldn't sleep that night. The next day, he would have her back. He couldn't hide his obvious exuberance for what was going to happen the next day. It was today, that he went to bed carrying a smile. 

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  1. cool! nice buildup to the finale :) finish it soon :)

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    1. Err is that a compliment or I have been dragging it?? :D anyway thanks Bharu :)

  3. waiting for nxt chapter :):) u can take writing as ur profession:) quit engg :D:D jk:)

    1. Will post soon :) about that profession thing, well I seriously don't know! :)


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