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New Beginnings - Chapter 10

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"Its over" he had said. It kept ringing in her ears. She was guilt filled. She knew that she went overboard by bringing her friend in the conversation. She wanted to do everything in her power to save the relationship but something told her that the damage is done and its beyond repair. She wanted someone by her side, comforting her and reassuring her the way he does. His voice kept echoing in her ears. She badly wished she could take back her words. She wanted to apologize to him but she couldn't find the courage within her. She wept in silence. She finally decided to make a call and fiddled for her mobile and dialed his number as soon as she could. It kept ringing and the receiver did not respond. He doesn't wanna talk to me. I have made a terrible mistake, She cried.Or may be his mobile is in silent mode and he did not notice my call,her optimistic voice called out. She redialed. Again, no answer. She kept dialing and after god-knows-how-many-missed-calls, the female on the line replied The mobile number you are trying to reach is currently switched off. Frustration filled,she threw her mobile as far as her hand could stretch. Her next thought was to see if he was online. She logged into Facebook and Gmail . He was online. She immediately pinged him. Seeing her ping, he instantly went offline. She couldn't control her tears. If only I want a second shot at something, I swear to God it would be him. The feeling of living a life without him teared her heart apart. Staying up did not seem to do any good. So she called it a day and went to bed.After a really long struggle, she finally slept.

The next day she rushed to her college even though she knew he would never come early. She waited for him and with every passing minute, she became more and more restless. She did not want to screw things up once again. She had rehearsed her "apology speech" umpteen number of times just to make sure everything goes smoothly. As always, he was the last one to enter the classroom. She did not approach him as she didn't wanna make a fuss in front of the entire class. She desperately waited for a chance to sneak out on others. But her luck betrayed her. She couldn't get to meet him alone until late in the evening. She tiptoed towards him so that he wouldn't notice her coming. As she was close enough, she coughed as a gesture to make him turn his head. As he saw her,he looked into her eyes,anger filled. Her rehearsals went in vain.She couldn't find any words that would come to her rescue.She stood there,facing her uncertain future. He started walking away from her,she strolled behind. At a point,he stopped walking and turned towards her .What part of its over you do not understand?
he bellowed.She did not respond. I hate you and  I am disgusted by the thought that I loved someone who doesn't even trust me,he continued. She kept mum. She did not wish to defend herself lest it gets even more messed up.It was her fault and he had every right to shout at her,she thought. Having received no response from her, he stared and left not just the place but her life as well.

Will her apology be accepted? would he realize that he over reacted? Will they be together again?? 

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