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New Beginnings - Chapter 7

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Before I continue with the story, I have to say that I am in no hurry to finish this story..! So keep reading. I will reveal the secret when I feel like ending this story :D

After bidding a silent goodbye to him at the bus stop, she started walking home. It takes her hardly fifteen minutes to reach college on foot. As she walked away, she smiled to herself as she thought about the few lovely moments she had just spent with him. How badly did she wish that time would freeze. But to her disappointment, the distance between her college and bus stop was lesser than half a kilometer. God bless his forgetful nature, she thought. 
Rolling back a few minutes..

She knew that she was being watched by him and she enjoyed every second of it. She avoided looking in his direction lest he finds out that his presence has been noticed and hence leaves straight away taking with him the only source of her happiness.. She hence took great caution and timed her look out for him in such a way that he wouldn't notice it. Few minutes passed. She sensed it was going to rain in lesser than half an hour. 

Suddenly an idea hit her. She could say with certainty that he wouldn't be carrying an umbrella with him as no one other than her better knew about his lackadaisical nature.Her bad luck, she didn't carry one either. She thought, so if I start right now, I could be here back in time with an umbrella and spend time with him on the pretext of dropping him off at the bus stop. But then her jaw dropped. What if he did bring an umbrella and leaves before i come back, another voice retorted to her idea . But sooner she realized she could at least give it a try as she had nothing to lose and hence started off with her mission pronto. It was her lucky day. As she expected, he did not have an umbrella and hence was waiting for the rain to recede. She approached him as fast as her legs would permit and also trying to make her already so obvious move less apparent. As she reached the spot, she saw him sleeping. She couldn't help but admire the way he looked while he slept. God's beautiful creation, she thought. After few minutes of relentless hesitation, she finally decided to wake him up and she mouthed, c'mon I will drop you at the bus stop. She saw him hesitating initially but later he stood up and came closer to her and they left the spot together. 

I will cherish that few minutes I spent with you till my last breath, she thought. After what had happened, she wouldn't get a better chance to spend time with him. She wanted to make up for the mistakes she once committed. But she knew she wouldn't get a 2nd shot at everything. Few things are to be accepted the way they are meant to be, she sighed. They say everything happens for good. Maybe we are better off without each other, she grumbled. 
She had been dreaming all the while that she hardly noticed that she had walked a few miles away from her house. Sighing, she traced her path backwards and finally reached her house. 

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  1. Pirikardhu Archu :) Great going :) Eager to read the next.
    Machi..Btw, unnoda real story kuda neraya mix aagirka mari theriyardhae ;)

  2. Unmai thaane? :D anyways, sooper. Keep up the spirit and Rock on silly :)

  3. That umbrella scene was a dream.!?!

  4. No it wasn't..! This is just from her point of view..!! :)

  5. Seems like a dream to me.Thoughts in action. Good to see this.

  6. I think I am missing something in terms of time- when is the rain-umbrella event taking place? In the flash back or current time? Let me go back & check.

  7. It happened back in time. I had earlier described it from the guy's point of view. Now the narration is from the girl's point of view. :) Does my writing confuse people? because you are not the first person to ask this question..! anyway will get a grip on writing short stories from the next story..! Do tell me where I can improve :)

  8. A girl penning it frm girl's view is good:):) it's lyk i hv heard, seen guys admiring te beauty of girl while she is sleeping or smiling:):) tis s diff n good:):)


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