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New Beginnings -Chapter 4

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It took few drops of rain to bring him back to his senses. It felt like he re-lived those moments but the reality hit him hard. He looked around. She had already left and he had no idea when it happened. As he took his next few steps, it had already started raining hard and the place around him looked deserted. Not knowing where to go, he ran towards his nearest shelter and sat down waiting for the rain to dissipate. But it didn't seem to happen anytime sooner. Frustrated, he took out his phone and found that it was out of charge. (Dammit! I always forget to do this. ) The rain seemed to gain momentum with every passing minute with the thunder and lighting making things worse, it felt like next to impossible to step out in this kind of weather. Tired as he already was, he lay down with his bag underneath his head. Something in his bag seemed to make him queasy. He delved into his bag and took out a key chain. It read "together forever "
How much ever he tried to keep her thoughts aside, he felt those thoughts like a boomerang hitting him back. Tears started flowing down his blemishless face and he just couldn't fight back his emotions. He hugged his bag tightly and cried hard.The sound of thunder storms helped him divert his mind and he suddenly found himself smiling looking hard at the key chain. He felt positive vibrations gushing through his entire body. For the first time in so many days, he felt happiness and hope. He thought, it could never be over and it never is meant to be. He kissed the key chain in his hand and muttered, "together forever indeed" and his thought drifted . 

Cut back to the day of key chain..

It was early in the morning.The day just dawned and he woke up carrying a broad smile on his face. She had promised that this day is going to be important to both of them and though unsaid, they both knew already what was going to happen. He jumped out of his bed with enthusiasm and entered his bathroom to take a shower. His anticipation seemed to rise with every passing minute. He couldn't wait to see her and hence he dressed up in a jiffy and stepped outside his house. As he came out, he as usual caught every girl's attention. Not bothering much about it, he walked as quick as possible to the nearest bus stop and waited. With every passing minute, he became more and more impatient and finally after what seemed like an eternity, the bus came to his stop and he reached college within half and hour.
He rushed to his class and there he saw her sitting in her usual spot . He saw her blushing . He smiled and went to sit. They had decided to meet up in their  usual spot after the classes after a relentless argument. 
He hated to wait but he was given no other option. After what seemed like forever, the classes came to an end and he rushed out. She came after a while and they both decided to take a walk.
Albeit knowing what it was going to be about, he enquired, So why is today so important? 
Ishitha: HUH! guys are guys..!! Oh..! so you have no idea is it??
Pritam: ha ha! look at her. Its fun teasing her. Love it when you give me that look! .. Well obviously, you called me. So I have no idea what this is going to be about.
Ishitha: hmm in that case, I think I will let you figure out what this is going to be about and then I will talk about it may be in a day or two.
Pritam: Dammit.! They always know what will make a guy surrender to her. Testing his patience.! Well I think I know but not sure. So please tell me. Enough of testing my patience. I am anxious already.!
Ishitha: ha ha.! You guys are so kiddish.! Well i think more than words, this would suffice(handing over a box to Pritam)
He opened the box and took out the key chain and read it out loud, together forever ♥ 
He then hugged her and thought to himself, "I will never let you go"

A voice brought him back to his senses. He opened his eyes to see Ishitha 
standing right in front of him. He was taken aback and it took few minutes for him to come back to reality. She spoke, C'mon I will drop you at the bus stop.
He couldn't bring himself to respond. So he silently stood up and went to her. she shared her umbrella with him and they left the spot (him, her and the  silence that tailed along)

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