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New Beginnings-Chapter 3

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As he entered the classroom, he fought back his emotions which insisted he look in her direction..! But his senses told otherwise and he felt it wise to follow what his mind ranted and hence went and occupied his usual spot.. His emotions were unyielding. He felt the word "coward" echoing within himself for the umpteenth number of time. He could hear two voices.One which seconded his act and the one which opposed. The second voice said : "why the hell don't you man up and just look?" to which the first voice responded " do you wanna embarrass yourself all over again? just try to divert yourself" 
Pushing that thought aside, he tried to initiate a conversation with his friend. After an awkward silence of we-both-don't-know-what-to-talk, he realized that would never help. And hence after a prolonged process of decision making, he looked around only to find that she was not there in that room. Instant disappointment hit him hard. He wanted to know where she is but didn't know whom to ask. So he took the task of finding it out himself and hence rushed out of the classroom.
It was not that difficult to figure out where she would be. He put some distance between him and her so that she wouldn't find out that she's being watched. As he watched her, he started reminiscing their first meeting. 

Cutting back to the day when they first met.

It was their first day in college. As he was approaching his class, he saw her standing in the corridor. It was not her who caught his attention. But it was the girl standing next to her. Drop dead gorgeous, he thought.. He felt quite jaunty as he saw her entering his class. Few minutes passed. He thought of striking a conversation with her and hence approached her. She told him her name was Preshika and they had a formal talk for quite sometime. All the while, she was sitting right beside Preshika, but not a fraction of a second, he paid any attention to her neither did he bother to. 
Hours passed and they were done with the classes for that day. Having nothing to do, he wandered aimlessly around the campus . Something at a distance caught his attention. He went closer to have a proper look. It was the most calm and serene place in the entire campus with the sound of the birds chirping and the cool breeze filling one's heart with so much happiness one could ever think of. He thought, nature's gift indeed and as he was surveying the place, he saw a girl sitting at a remote distance and penning something down. He went to have a closer look, and identified that girl as the one sitting beside Preshika. He sat next to her and introduced himself as Pritam. The girl responded with a hi and continued with her work. Abashed, he gave that girl an unpleasant look and walked straight away from that place. 

On his way home, all he was thinking about was that girl with that indifferent behaviour and felt his rage rising. He decided to teach her a lesson the next day. 
As the day dawned, he had a plan in his mind. He thought of confronting her after the classes. As the day approached the end, she was nowhere to be seen. He decided to go to the place where he saw her the day before and as he approached her,he spoke "hey who the hell.. and he swallowed the rest.All of a sudden the rage seemed to have disappeared and he was so much intrigued to get to know her and he had no idea why.! To this day he argued that it was the look in her eyes that made him change his mind. 
After that words failed and he quickly rushed out of that place. The next few days, he saw her sitting in the same place and doing the same thing. 
Days passed and then one day he decided to confront her and tried initiating a conversation.
Pritam:hey do you know that we are classmates?
She: yes i do.
Pritam: so, what's your name?
Pritam: So i was wondering what is that you keep writing always. something personal?
Ishitha: not exactly but kind of.
Pritam: would you mind if i take a look?
Ishita: yes i mind.
He thought.(huh so much attitude..!)
Pritam:never mind.
and they spoke about everything but that book in Ishitha's hand remained a secret. That night, he thought about all that they spoke which made him smile and he drifted to sleep and thus blossomed their friendship.... 

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  1. Sooper machi :) Waiting for more :) Keep up the good work !

  2. nice one archu :) keep going :)

  3. I like Ishita's answer-'Yes, I mind"

  4. Good beginning. But how come he asks her for her name if they both are classmates;) ?

    1. A very unusual question :P He never really paid any attention to her during class hours! She was just another girl to him and hence he did not make note of her name and all :D

  5. @ Archana : Come on, you cant be so rude with your class-mates by not knowing their names;) i felt the conversation could have been initiated on a better note..

    1. C'mon its just the 2nd day! :D Anyway now that think about it, I think you have got a point ! :) Beginner I am ! :D

    2. Anyways, not a big flaw...just felt telling :)And this does not seem to we be work of an amateur :)

    3. Flattered!! Thanks again!! :) :)


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