Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Beginnings - Chapter 2

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He watched her as she entered the cafeteria few minutes back. His heart ached and it killed him as he sat there helpless and not able to walk straight to her and say all that he wanted to. But he knew, that moment is gone and is never coming back. He stared at the ceiling . Images of the past stared back at him. He shrugged! His fellow mate siting next to him sensed that something was wrong with his best friend for ages, and he enquired if he is alright. He saw the desolation in his friend's eyes and he knew what the reason was .. He patted him in his back, said everything is gonna be ok. But they both knew, its never gonna be ok again. 

As his eyes gallivanted from the ceiling to the table where she was sitting, he caught her eyes and that's when he saw the agony in those beautiful pair of eyes. Guilt pricked him so hard, he felt he might die because of that. And then she left taking with her all that hope which had once been his only strength and source of happiness. He wanted to run behind her, but he couldn't feel his legs. It felt like his mind was his worst enemy he could ever have. And when she looked at him, he immediately looked away as he was too jittery to follow his instincts. He couldn't dare to make an eye contact with her. He felt like one douche. He fished out his ear phones out of his pocket, and plunged into a deep slumber letting his thoughts wander. He heard her voice calling out to him to be with her forever. He couldn't help but smile.He remembered how she used to smile at him. How time flees when he spoke to her.

Man wake up, time to leave..!!
            It was his friend. He had classes to attend. He stood up disinterested and they left.

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  1. interesting,, keep it coming...


  2. I hope her name was not "Swapna" That would have been interesting. Will wait for the next episode :)

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  3. @Geeta: Will write soon! :)
    @Readiit: thanks :)
    @RI: Actually that might be ;) JK :) name as of now is undefined..! yeah will definitely read and vote :)

  4. Waiting for the next chapter....Blog soon...! :)

  5. super :)) continue ur work...waitng for ur book

  6. @Madhu : sure :)
    @Mr unknown Prash :P - Thanks man! :)

  7. Still maintaining the suspense on what really is the problem. Let me go to chapter 3


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