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New Beginnings-Chapter 8

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It was a foggy evening. The sky was clouded and blurred by the water droplets. Pritam was walking on a lonely road not really bothered about anything around him. The winds were blowing hard .The air gushed through his lungs and he lived every moment of it. The roads were steep thus allowing him to descend easily. At that moment, he saw a girl approaching him. It took him a while to realize it was Ishtiha. Without any hesitation, he walked towards her. She was taken aback by his presence. Silence prevailed for sometime. His inside kept shouting "break the ice" , so did hers. After what seemed like an eternity, both opened their mouth and uttered sorry which synchronized. All of a sudden, a heavy burden seem to have lifted from their head and they felt a sense of relief. Involuntarily he approached to hug her and she did not resist. It has been 5 months since they spoke with each other. Pritam asked, so how have you been albeit knowing the answer for that question. She took some time to reply trying to rephrase her answer that would try to hide her obvious misery. After failing in her attempt, she thought of going with "It was hell" and tears started rolling round her cheeks. He wiped those tears and said, after what I had been through, living in hell would be a bliss and turned his head away to make his tears invisible. No matter what happened, we are both responsible for it and I am extremely sorry for letting you go. I promise I will never ever let you go, at least not in this lifetime. He grabbed her and wrapped her with his hands and softly whispered , you are mine and you will be forever ♥  
She smiled at him with content and he told to himself, "anything for that smile" and smiled back at her. 
A distant sound broke their happiness, if not theirs, at least his. It was the sound of his alarm clock. As he sat up, the reality came crashing down on him. He felt his inside burning out of anger, frustration or whatsoever it is called. He could no longer take this pain. He wanted this suffering to end. He thought , it was all going great until that day. That one day which he wants to forget, that one day which is responsible for every bit of suffering he has been going through..

Rolling a few months back..

With their love expressed, they were in the heights of insanity. They were insanely in love with each other. When they were together, everyone around them went invisible. They expressed love in every possible way at every possible time not really bothering if that is the right thing to do or if it annoys people around. She was there for him and he was there for her and nothing else mattered to both. This went on for a few weeks. Suddenly he started feeling that they were going overboard and wanted to spend time alone too. He thought and thought about how to convey this to her without hurting her feelings. He texted her saying "I wanna talk to you about something important. How about meeting me in that place we first met? " and kept his fingers crossed until he received a reply which said , "sure". 

At the garden :

After the initial cliche talks of you look so beautiful today, he spoke, hey Ishitha look, I think I need my space. Spending the entire day with you leaves my entire day unproductive. Do not get me wrong. I love you like I have never loved anyone before. But I think we need to provide each other the space they need. As he was talking, she kept starring at him. After a prolonged thought process, she finally replied , Ok if that is what you want"  and they left. 
He quite did not understand her disappointment and hence was happy that he tackled the issue quite properly. Never did he know this was the starting of the ending.

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  1. i have only 1 question !
    where to read the previous 7 parts :) :)
    this one was good though i don't get the entire thing :)

  2. There is a link right at the beginning of this chapter. Likewise , there is for every other. it ll guide you through :) and thanks :)

  3. u r stimulating my astrocytes to think of wat can happen further........<3 <3 <3 totally luvin it...:)

  4. I am no biology student doc :P Had to Google to know what it meant!! :D Anyway thanks Aish :)

  5. Interesting. I like your writing style- simple, smooth and compelling. Will be reading the previous chapters.

  6. Today only i started reading this from the first chapter its awesome!!! just love the way u pen down :) :) awating for the next chapter archana :):)

  7. u never fail to impress,its goooood :)

  8. hey nice work. And the best part to me was the way you described 'this girls feelings for that guy'. I totally enjoyed ur narration and it added a freshness into this tale:):)


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