Monday, August 15, 2011

The joy of giving back!

Its an era where time plays a vital role in the life of each one of us. We feel there is no time to actually turn back and see what is going on in the fear of getting left behind .Now the time has come to stop running and start looking. That's where the change has to come. We are not complacent enough to put up a smug smile on our faces. How many of us actually go to sleep feeling gratified ? Well i need not answer that question.

There is always the other side of the coin. As a kid, the only thing that used to tantalize us  was studies. It seriously has been such a herculean task for us to go to school. But there are also kids who so much ache to go to school but are always deprived of the basic amenities which include education. As a kid, they are made to embrace hardship. These kids also sometimes happen to be the sole bread  winner of his/her family. They do not care about recreation but they are elated if they get to eat once a day. 

There are kids who toil harder under the heat when its the time of their age to play around . Its hard to even imagine what all they have to go through to earn such a meagre amount of money . Don't you think these kids deserve better than what they actually get?

Society has given us so much that its time we pay back the society..! And it need not necessarily involve money. In a country like ours where the youth population dominates, we can bring about an evolution if we care to spend few hours in a month for these underprivileged children. There are so many non-profit organizations devoted to the upliftment of these underprivileged kids. Spending time with these kids would certainly make a difference in their lives. Take sometime and contribute to the society. My sincere request to everyone to consider this and be a part of something that will make you proud. 


  1. "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country"
    Giving back to society is a really noble cause and it's good to see you taking the initiative to present and propagate it :) Being SSNites, hopefully we try to make a positive change, however small, as visioned by Shiv Nadar :)

  2. Rightly said...:) u rock as always :)

  3. haha!! huge words!! thanks man! :)

  4. Hope this post of yours will be bring about a change!!!

    1. The "change" is what we believe it is. And according to me,many these days make it a point to give back the society.I wish,that many changes to everyone. :)


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