Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blooming vettiness/Idleness! :D

It was 2 in the morning and still she was wide awake, unable to sleep. The incident that happened a few hours ago was still haunting her. Trying to put the pieces together,all she could arrive at was absolutely nothing! She found herself failing in her futile attempt to wipe off her ever flowing tears. She kept wondering if it was the destiny or her inadvertent nature that is making her bear hardship. Trying to divert herself from that inevitable thought, she decided to watch her favorite movie of all times. Half way through,she realized that it was not really helping her in any way but is rather making her feel more worse! Her next instant thought was to call up her best buddy and cry about it. But she had this strange delusional feeling inside her that her friend would call her insane and that she is over-reacting.Also making a call this early in the morning didn't seem like a very good idea. So she let that thought pass. She looked at the clock. It was 2:14 AM. She was getting frustrated. Why aren't you ticking? she kept asking the clock as if expecting the clock to retort back at her "go sleep you foolish lady." 

She looked around. She saw her younger brother sleeping very peacefully. She couldn't help but feel jealous . Her mind drifted to the good old days when she used to behave with great composure. When her life was teeming with nothing but happiness. As a kid , she always wanted to grow old . But now her conflicting thoughts hit her hard. How she wished she remained a kid. No worries, no hard feelings, no broken heart. It was indeed ecstatic. Unforgettable days of her life. She wondered, how many times she had been on the consoling side and now she completely understood what it felt like to be in the listening end. All her philosophical wordings were not coming to her rescue. 

Having faced failure in almost everything she tried that night, she thought may be she could try sleeping. And she went back to bed. After fighting her over-whelming emotions,she finally slept!
The next morning,she woke up to find that its already afternoon. As a routine,she found her mobile right next to her. She picked her phone only to find a text message from someone who's name really didn't register in her mind. She opened the message and it read "The first 2 mark question of yesterday's paper was out of syllabus question and hence its a mere attempt. "
Delirious with joy, she immediately called up that number and found her best buddy answering her call. Just as her best friend picked up her call,our-miss-over-reacting-personality screamed out of joy!

Her friend then answered "Enna koduma sir idhu"(for those who didn't understand, its just a catchy Tamil phrase! )

Dedicated to all such over scene putting people out there !
By an agitated and victimized individual! ;)


  1. It says. .
    Posted by archana at 6:44 AM

    Omg !! :D Vettiness bloomed right in the morning?

  2. Ha ha :D a twist in the tale :P Neeye ithukku inspiration pola? ;)

  3. @preethi-random timings :D posted it at around 7:30 PM
    @manish-read the last line! I dedicate this to YOU!

  4. after reading this post even my reaction was...."Enna Koduma Sir ithu" :p
    nice one btw :)

  5. change ur USA time atleast now :P

  6. Good one :) keep going..


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