Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fascinating Fairy tales :)

As a kid, i have always marvelled at the way fairy tales lure me into a deep slumber full of fascinating things which one would always want.. And i still do!!
One main reason i always love to watch/read them is 

"Fairy tales always have a happy ending" 

Be it Cinderella  or Rapunzel, the storyline is one and the same.. There is this very beautiful girl(not just beautiful but is also highly talented in anything and everything) leading a miserable life and a prince charming aka the saviour comes for her rescue and "they live happily ever after." Yeah as you would be thinking the storyline looks really dumb , it definitely wins over the female population who loves anything romantic! So we end up shedding few drops of tears at the end! 

Growing up with those tales,we fail to admire the beauty of life. Such stories have clouded our vision that we fail to understand what life is most of the time or rather we didn't actually understand what those stories intended to communicate! Everyone's life is indeed a fairy tale . A fairy tale where the prince charming takes a little more time than the usual ones to show up.  But he will ,nevertheless. If its not an happy ending then its not an ending at all. We are not the script writer when it comes to our story. As the saying goes, "As you sow,so you reap" you can make your story a better one by your good deeds which is nothing but improvisation ..
Life is not a bed of roses and even if it was, i can bet on anything that it will be like a food with a bland taste. If at all you are one such person who loves food which is tasteless,then i don't object if you argue that life has to be a bed of roses. With the growing needs and the never ending greed of the human kind, we expect a variety in everything but then why do we start whining when there is variety in our life. Isn't that a biased thought? (think!!!)
Humans have this inborn talent of imparting advises to others but we find it very difficult to implement it in our very own life. How many times have we said things like "great success comes with great sacrifice" to others and how many times have we actually put that to action.?? (i don't need to answer that question. )
At frustrating times, a cloud of negative thoughts blur our vision that we are not able to look beyond that. Human mind is the most complicated entity in this world .That simply means,its our perspective of things that makes it look complicated or simple. If at all something looks complicated,all you have to do is change your perspective and it will help you get through!
In a nutshell,stop making a fuss!

Someone rightly said that its very hard to satiate the human demands.  We are never satisfied with what we have. We always crave for something more and more and that more is even greater than infinity. So when things don't happen our way, we again start grumbling about it.Many even take another step and start accusing the almighty! We totally ignore the fact that we are indeed gifted. We always want it the fairy tale way! Try being happy with whatever you have and you will find your life fascinating,as fascinating as a fairy tale :)

Live your life :)


  1. Musings of the mind when vetti can sometimes really turn out to be the nectar of wisdom pouring out of the Holy Grail.....

    P.S. Hopefully you take a leaf out of this during troubled times, when u forget what u realized in the last 2 paragraphs.... :)


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