Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It just doesn't work that way always!

With the release of 7am arivu songs(Actor Suriya's much hyped movie) i just couldn't wait to hear them and hence downloaded the songs from the net asap only to be disappointed like hell! 
Its a message to you Harris, It always doesn't work that way. ! yes you ctrl+c ed and ctrl+v ed music from every language possible and it turns out that our very own mother tongue is no exception! ! Every time i listen to his compositions, some feels fresh(am not someone who listens to all kind of music, so yes fresh) and most of the time, its a Deja Vu! Here goes my review of the music album.

Mun Andhi: A melody. A typical Harris song though.! The only yes-i-can-listen-to-it-few-times song.  After that, there is always that another song which sounds the same but still different. Enigmatic though. But we don't fail to stay addicted to it for a few days until the next one comes along. Karthik's rendering always steal's one's heart and it happens again. The visuals also looks appealing and hence this would be my pick in this album.

Oh Ringa Ringa: Oh wait! I thought this was going to be ringa ringa roses  :D (i might sound rhetorical but trust me , its gonna happen soon) This song has another familiar touch of Harris, uttering absolutely meaningless words. Well to be honest, it worked the 1st time (yes the omahasiya or whatsoever its pronounced as) .But over and over again. C'mon, give it a break.! Its become more a cliche and don't you get the pun when people make a song out of your blah blah crap? And yeah i forgot to mention this. This song sounds like a cross between ARR's Taxi and well his own composition from Aadhavan ,Damaku Damaku. But wait, the worst is yet to come..!!

Yellae Lama: What Dalai Lama??? Deja Vu again! But i fail to recollect the song. Well a so called fast song, sung by the female lead of the movie. Awesome singers. That's all i can say. Please do not ask for more, as i am out of words! 

Yamma Yamma: Sounds like a tragic song. I fail to ascertain the genre though.! Might interest a few. But not me. Out of huge respect for SPB, i do not wish to criticize this one as well.! 

Inum Enna Thozha: A remix of his own numbers. That is what strikes me. You can listen to this song out of pity for the singers. Yes its Naresh iyer. ! Other than that nothing about this song is appealing.! 

The Rise of Damo: A Chinese song. I would call it a different attempt and a welcoming attempt. This track, though a single word is not comprehensive, sounds actually good.why so? Here is why it is! Remember singing this in kg classes? Doesn't ring a bell?? This one has the same tune as Baba black sheep!(try singing :D)(credits to my friend :P ) :D rhymes too ??  

On the whole, the entire album is a not-worth-all-the-hype type. Or maybe we might not be so prejudiced and wait for the movie to be released, and later term is as a disaster ! Set your expectations low if you haven't heard this album yet so that you do not go 

and later 

:D :D


  1. Good one! :)

    @Harris Jayaraj : Boss, ithukelam bayantha thozhil panna mudiuma...ivanga epavume ipdi dhan (singamuthu to vadivel style)

  2. lol.. haris has mastered in it and everyone started to kno it either. Best part here is "Not Worth for the given HYPE".... very true :)

  3. what an objective review!
    ctrl-ced & ctrl-ved - haha - common practice nowadays everywhere
    a song in Kannada has ctrl-c one particular tune from Hotel California !!

  4. @Aravindan: That dialogue is his driving force :P
    @Viki: thanks :)
    @Sujatha: LOL down here, someone goes to the extent of copying a very famous song and saying that person likes that singer and hence its a tribute to that artist. And i went through your blog! seriously awesome! :)

  5. Very appropriate comments about the songs. Yesterday I watched the movie which is also not so impressive as expected.

  6. thank you :) and the movie wasn't that bad too in my perception ! But yeah the direction and screenplay could have been better..!
    I would say its definitely better than all those stereo typed movies! :)


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