Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's a girl? Say WOW!

"It's a girl" , she announced.
Kill her, they said in unison.

In our so called democratic country, which has a very rich cultural heritage, this is such a shame. Women of our country are tortured in every possible way. Sometimes even before a baby girl is born, she is killed. And the sole reason being, she's a girl. 
What is even more shocking is the statistics. 200 million women are missing in the world today which apparently is more than the devastating deaths from world war 1 and 2 put together. And our country is yet again famous for a very wrong reason. 
Here is a video that gives us all a better insight into this problem.

In the above video, a lady talks about how she strangled her 8 baby girls and the worst part being, she doesn't even regret that. She's seen smiling which only makes me sad that a major part of our country's population are still completely ignorant.  We go about blaming others for this never really realizing that every individual is responsible for the injustice that's been happening. Its time to turn the mirror around and take a closer look. Gone are the days when women do not step out of the house. There are so many women who are a living example that there is nothing a women cannot do. 
This gendercide causes a major gender imbalance thus resulting in a chain of other social injustices such as child brides , girl trafficking and such. You take pride in being a man. Well that certainly is beyond me. Its high time everyone understands that a bunch of chromosomes has nothing to do with who is superior to whom.  This discrimination goes a long way back in history that eradicating this is definitely gonna take time. If where to begin is your question, mold your children. Teach them to respect women and that discrimination should never be tolerated. Teach them that everyone's equal.

To all the women out there. Never tolerate injustice and discrimination. You deserve every bit of what a man gets. Speak up and shout if that is what it takes to be heard. Never bog down and do whatever it takes to earn the rights your deserve . 
I know its late, but then don't they say, better late than never?

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  1. well said...
    its a collective failure of our system including government, media and society.
    at least in future, it ought to be prevented !

    1. Hopefully! Fingers crossed. Then again its in our hands!

  2. If he is against feticide, why he didn't report this incident to police and get the woman arrested? Or is it the fake story created by him to promote his film? It is shame on Indian audience who are promoting his film in this way. This should have been reported to police first and no one from audience raised this question? he hs made a business by showing our country in bad light

    1. With all due respect, you cannot say for a fact that he did not report to the concerned authority. He might as well have. This is not something very uncommon. If there is one thing that helps news spread faster, then its media and he has just made use of it. Honestly I did not know that the statistics were so high. I see no damage done to our country by his film than what is already done by us.

  3. Archana, great job on this blog, and thank you for choosing my talk to highlight in your post for IdeaCaravan!


    1. Thanks a ton Evan. The minute I saw that video, I knew what I was gonna write about. Your job is commendable . Keep inspiring :) Thanks for dropping by :)


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