Sunday, February 15, 2009

A whole new environment.!

To say about my college.Its a college which stands by its own reputation. Students selected only based on merit and only merit. And that makes us proud. So you must have guessed it by now. Yeah its ssn college of engineering. For those who haven't heard of it,well never mind. 

I had always intended to join this college right from my 11th mainly because you are totally left free. There is absolutely no restrictions.
Well coming to the topic. Entering a totally different atmosphere. The transformation from school to college is very drastic.You hear people around you saying that "you are a big girl now" (well i don't seem to be one though :p).I was so excited about my 1st day in college besides people threatening me about ragging. To be frank,i was so so intimidated by that words and hence by my college seniors. There was not one ragging free zone. But i was lucky enough not to be caught. :D But there were many happy moments as well. People by this I don't intend to say that being ragged is a sad moment. Its entertaining too :p. But what I mean to say is you tend to meet a lotsa people, making new friends,getting to know people from different walks of life. After all what is college life without these. The 1st few days they engaged us in some sort of orientation programmes. At least that's what they called it as,though I would say it was so bugging. It went on for a week. The next week, classes begun. People giving intro and such.
We enjoyed to the hilt and never knew that the 1st sem exams were round the corner.. That's when life became hectic. Last day record submissions etc etc... And at last those days came to an end. Yeah i am in 2nd sem now:)

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