Monday, February 16, 2009

My attitude-my decision.!

 This post is all about me. Ranting, mumbling whatever you would like to call it as :D So to begin with, one thing I hate about myself is that,I am gloomy at times. I think that is because I think a bit too much which eventually puts me down in the dumps. But I could never stop thinking beyond what is necessary. But when I am myself,I am seriously a very good entertainer. Atleast that's what many say so. You disagree? well I don't care! That's exactly my attitude. U can talk to me about anything starting from politics to gossips in the air. I am all ears :D  But I do not entertain people backbiting about others. That really sucks.! I am a very good counsellor  too, but I obviously fail to apply those when it comes to me.

I have tried my luck at everything. Be it singing , dancing, painting, sports etc etc... But not exceptionally good at anything.Here is my attempt at writing :D Well another thing is that I don't easily move with strangers. So people talking to me for the 1st time might think that I am a very reserved kinda person. But trust me,looks are deceptive indeed.I am not at all innocent or reserved or anything of that sort. A perfect example of a chatter box.You cannot make me shut my moth that easily :D On the other side, I am sensitive and I tend to be possessive. Sensitive to the extent that I lose my cool for the most silliest things. But I am working on that. :) I Think I have bored you enough. So I will end this here. 
see you soon :)

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  1. ha ha.. a nice blog abt urself.. and yea.. a true chatter box too!!


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