Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My path- An absolute enigma..

"Trail d path of gr8 ppl... D main key 2 success"
m sure every1 of us must hv heard dis... bt i say its absolutely wrong... (ppl m not offendin ne1.. those leaders r of course worth followin..) bt my tht s dat every1 has wt u call as individuality.. n i truly believe in dat.. n my sincere request s dat every1 shud believe in dat... I surely dun lyk 2 do nethin jus coz odrs say i shud.. bt in dis society of ours, ppl cal dat "bein adamant".. isnt dat stupid???
r v not given d absolute freedom 2 think??? if v r restricted frm thinkin, then y d hell shud v ppl hv d so called "6TH SENSE"????? i always get annoyed wen i think abt dis...

MY PATH....!!!!! a million dollar question....!!!
Dr r so many uncanny questions which i would lyk 2 ask myself...!! wher am i goin??? wt am i doin? do i really njoy wt m doin?? r m doin dis jus coz i ll b paid l8r?? rite frm d tym wen v r born, some r d odr holds our hands tight.. neva let u go.. explore things n learn by our self.. Bt wt u often hear s a big NO fa everythin.. disgustin!!! ppl trust me, d fun of goin around n learnin things by urself s absolute fun.. Bt d saddest thing s "V CANT HELP DAT N V HV 2 PUT UP WIT DIS".. bt i would really luv 2 bring a revolution.. (hey hey revolution in d sense, absolute freedom n it has got nothin 2 do wit adoptin western culture... m strongly against dat as i already told u wt i believe s INDIVIDUALITY:))pl dun misinterpret me.. i mean dat v need not adopt some dim-witted things frm em.. (u kno wt i mean i guess)
comin back 2 d topic..
If u sit n think pratically, u ll surely b annoyed of wt u r doin.. y shud v do al these?? fa food.. n a an addition 2 dat.. a sophisticated lyfstyle.. wel i dun blame u ppl... v r al humans n v r magnetized towards such a lyfstyle.. its al abt flauntin urself... wel 2 some extent m also in dat league.. cant help it:( coz dats hw v r since childhood..
m thinkin if m happy doin wt m doin.. i ll say no not exactly.. dis routine though not borin, m surely not doin nethin worthwhile.. wtever v r doin nw, v al vry wel kno abt our final destiny..
so dun waste dis precious pearl by doin wt odrs say n act accordin 2 ur conscience.. dat ll content u...
n fa those who dun trust themself, dis s fa u...
do inculculate dis tht in u...
"i luv my lyf....i hv faith in myself dat i can stand out frm odrs.. "
lol m not tryin 2 b philosophical... dats wt i think wen m perplexed wit such thts..:p dats wen i lose al my self confidence....

now 2 b frank.. m scratchin my head of wt s 2 b written in dis topic..
so i conclude dis sayin dat lyf s 2 liv.. don make it complicated.. do wt u think s rite n lead a happy lyf.. nw u ll kno y my path s an "absolute enigma":p..
i kno u ppl must b ready wit d stones in ur hands...
i admit.. i myself felt dis lil borin:P
sry ppl:p
(P.S- hv learnt dat i shud neva rite such topics again as its drivin me crazy:P)


  1. Hey it drove me crazy too....

  2. lol i kno... its clear dat m vry much confused abt my lyf:p


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