Friday, March 6, 2009


Instincts is my college culturals... an exceptional experience coz dis s my 1st yr in ne such fiesta..made me completely freak out after a gap of 2 yrs .. yea i hv njoyed dis much wen i was in my 10th..i hv already told enuf abt dat... m here 2 narrate dat overwelhming, awe inspiring, splindid experience.. lol kno everythin means d same.. jus couldnt find words 2 express my bliss...:)

D day began as usual as ne odr day.. gettin up at 5:30 (yea my college s at 8:(poor me:D))lol i dun find dat borin though:)... reached college by 8... n my God.. 2 talk abt d crowd dr.. d scenario was similar 2 dat of a fish market.. 

trust me.. d verandah was jam packed... no space even 2 breathe.. as v were left in, i neva had ne need 2 walk as i was carried away by ppl... ne1 who has eve travelled in mumbai local trains ll kno abt dat... n luckly i got a place 2 sit... seriously lucky coz many were made d stand fa d whole inaguration ceremony..D chief guest invited was actor Aarya...(yea d same ol 'naan kadavul' Aarya) jus lyk ne odr person invited as a chief guest dis guy also made us wait fa a vry long tym.. made us completely impatient.. (no offence.. bt dat attitude of ppl s not lyked by me..) 1st priority shud b given 2 commitments..(wel m always drifted towards such debatin topics.. as m here 2 talk abt my college culturals i wud better prefer stayin away frm such topics.. bt ll surely talk abt dat in my another post:D)n atlast he came... (a gr8 sigh of relief fa every1) as he entered, dr was a sudden uproar.. shook d whole auditorium..(doesnt mean v kept quiet b4 his arrival.. v were d same even b4... jus couldnt leav a chance of freakin out completely:)) he stayed fa 1 hr... dats quite a lot fa a actor coz i often here stories of such celebrities comin.. stayin fa some 10 mins n then leavin fa which they demand lakhs n lakhs of rupees... quite atrocious... neways dats hw they r.. cant help it...
Then i was engaged in registration n stuffs... ppl teemin in fa registration n eatin my head.. i dun regret dat as it was a vry gud experience fa me.. i learnt hw 2 do things in an organised i dun think i ll b able 2 follow it... lol jokes apart.. then d events began.. n dats wen i felt completely bored.. felt lyk goin home.. thank gudness i din coz if i had done dat i wud hv missed a gr8 evenin...

It was 5:30 in d evenin.. tym fa DJ nite.. even d dj had arrived... ppl were back on their feet.. d dj played some fast nos lyk gasolina (daddy yankee), bebot(black eyed peas) n lil slow nos lyk i wanna luv u(Akon).. v were pushin each odr hard 2 find a place 2 dance... v al neva cared abt wts goin on around us... it went on fa 2 hrs... dats wen v realised dat d 1st day of our college culturals ended n it was tym fa us 2 leav... got into our respective buses n left college.. as soon as i reached home i suddenly felt dat i was completely exhausted.. went 2 bed immediately n neva knew wen i slept...

though it was jus fa a single day.. it ll always remain evergreen in my memories.. n d days wen i ll not b wit my frenz (dats wen my college lyf wud end) these memories ll bring tears in my eyes n ll remind me those vry pleasant memories which i ll cherish throughout my lyf...

COLLEGE LYF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Culturals r a superb way to enjoy & freak out during college days, but more importantly, to bond and share happiness with those people some of whom will be part of your life forever. A truly encapsulating post on our scintillating college fest da.... Hope to continue with same vigour and passion in writing.

  2. This is the first blog in sms language that i ve read so far !! But that doesnt make it any less interesting...i love the way you have described the crowd and havoc in the audi...mumbai local trains :P lol !!

  3. lol ll surely try 2 use "PROPER ENGLISH" next tym...:p


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