Friday, April 10, 2009

Those erractic dreams...

i would like to dedicate this post to all those who love that "2nd world" guess what it is....!!!
zzzzzzzzzz yeah absolutely right.. its the world of dreams..... people often say that "you dream only when you have a disturbed sleep..." duh true of course... but i dont care.. because i am obsessed with my its a totally new world of endless boundary... to be precise its the world where the so called "craziest" things are feasible... you can imagine yourself to be the "President of United States or a mad dog or even for that matter a it has got its own thrill...

All these may sound crazy for many.. but i already told you this is only for those who love that 2nd world.. Dreams are nothing but those unfulfilled wishes.. but sometimes absolutely stupid too..
like for example i often dream about a man chasing me to KILL me... lol puzzled??? infact even i am... but not these days... thank god!!! but my dreams are not always scary.. i have even got very very pleasant dreams from which i would never wanna come out... hehe... but the actual content is confidential!!!:p not to be mentioned in public...;)
another very interesting and noteworthy things about dreams is that you can tour any part of the world even without a penny....:p fabulous isnt it???:p lol thats the part i like a lot....:)
Dr Kalam says... dreams are those which doesnt let you sleep... but its quite contrary in my case...:p
lol just kidding... but i am not so studious to think about how to persue my goal even while sleeping.. c'mon give me a break... according to me,dreams are absolute fun and are meant to be celebrated:) so dream a lot and have fun:)
PS: i have tried my best not to use any sms language...:p
hope many are satisfied:p


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I love you too, Zindagi! :)

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