Monday, April 20, 2009

Do ghost exists???:P

hey people!!!
m here to talk about the most scariest things(at least that's what i consider to be) in this world...
i am always intimidated by the thought of it.. don't know why!!! it still remains a million dollar question to me...

Do ghosts exist?? i am always annoyed by this word.. what it actually means?? can anyone tell me that?? no none!!! this clearly says that no such thing exists!! but why the hell am i afraid of that??? am i not mature enough to make such gullible beliefs fall in deaf ears?? am i such an idiot?? to all these i would spontaneously say a big NO!!!! that's what my mind says..

but somewhere deep inside the thought that ghosts exists keeps lingering...!!! why is that so??? its simply because of the people around you and the things you see which are publicized in such a manner that they appear authentic.. sick!!!to put this in a nutshell" jobless idiots making us fools.." how ridiculous!!! i just don't understand why should we even encourage such movies..
i would prefer to sleep or even read my class lessons than watch such movies...
but my bad luck is that my younger sister loves watching such movies...(as always.. we never agree with each other at least in most of the cases.. exceptions always there like we both hate to drink milk..yeeeehhhh!!!!)

lol lets not deviate from the topic... i am now mature enough to believe that such things don't exists... but still i don't dare to switch off the lights at night and i always end up running to my bed and cover my face with my bed sheet until i am ensured that i am safe and secure and that no ghost is going to near me... i have tried many times to come out of this fear..(u may even call it as a phobia:() but all those efforts went in vain... but i am still keeping my hopes alive that 1 day or the other i will go watch a ghost movie all alone(lol said this to emphasis on my hope... as said before, i will never watch such a movie even if paid in millions)

Now i would like to give a piece of my mind to all those ghost intimidated people out there:P
its because i can do only that(lol) GHOSTS DO NOT EXISTS..Its all a made up story... so leave aside the thought of "the existence of ghost".. this will surely help you in making the fake belief of the existence of ghost absurd...

have a fearless sleep:)
good night:P

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