Monday, May 11, 2009

Those blemishless innocent days..

The thought which keeps lingering in my mind...!!!
Will i get those innocent days back in my life??
Will i be a kid again?? Those carefree moments...(yes i miss them badly) and yeah the feeling of being the center of attraction(awesome isn't it? :P), those innocent trivial fights..!! Those were the times.! I even remember yelling at my mom for not letting me to play for some more time as she insisted that i must do my homework.. All those stuff seems really silly when i think about it now... But i just cant refrain from cherishing these moments.. After all i was a kid... :D feeling nostalgic :( cant help it.. :(

now i am 18.. almost on the verge of losing my teens... (hard feelings) the main disadvantage is that you are burdened wit hell lot of responsibilities.. really sickening.. and you will not be forgiven for your silly mistakes and in case forgiven, you will have to listen to a boring lecture.. and the most annoying thing is people tend to tell the very same dialogues each and every time you are found guilty.. kinda idiotic.. !
Even if you are below 10, you will be in trouble but the difference is you can easily escape by shedding few drops of tears.. sometimes you may even be lucky enough to be given few chocolates and ice creams just to make you smile.. very ironic.. but i just love that irony...:P
and ya, if you are 18, people start respecting you.. your say will be considered in most of the important decision..(cant say in every imp decision). and it goes on...

so both has its own positives and negatives.. its all a part and parcel of life which every human has to face.. but to me, my childhood days were the best part of my life till date... you are not over conscious about yourself.. you live a tension free life... wish those days were back in my life:(

Hope i had kindled everyone's past and i am sure you all will be feeling nostalgic by now :)

At this point, i would like to share a piece of my mind for leading a happy life..
1)laugh aloud
2) always stay cool. never get tensed for anything..
3) be a child by heart..:)


  1. hey your blog is superb and you have revamped it brilliantly giving it a dark kind of look.. Keep on blogging !!! enjoy !

  2. true words !!keep the good job goin !!

  3. Hai........
    The credit goes to you......
    Superb .........
    Me too have the thoughts wandering,a sign of the 18 year olds.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. hey... really great thoughts..!!

    oh.. truely awesome.. reflects the feeling of every grown up..!!

    but u don hav tat big probs ... u can easily escape saying urself as a 12 yr old..:P

    yea gr8 work gal...keep posting..!! nsoy lyf..!!

    besta luk..:)

  5. hey arch thts absolutely true....
    i agree....


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