Friday, May 22, 2009

Trivial yet Universal

well people, The title doesn't say anything about what this post is going to be. right??
Its about all those silly craziest things(can be called so) on earth which we forget most of the times,
which can make us feel heaven, which makes us jubilant and i can just go on and on.

Still not clear?? Then read on!!!
In a world as this where people give more importance to money and stuffs like that there are certain trifling things which though can give a highly exhilarating feeling are often ignored by many.
The greed for a sophisticated lifestyle has blinded many.
now just analyze how you feel under these circumstances

1) How about a morning walk in a mist covered pathway with a group of friends??

2) Having a hot cup of tea , your favorite novel and your favorite track being played in your player, sitting in the balcony and watching the rain outside.
3) Hanging out with your friends on a weekend.
4) Walking in the rain in a deserted pathway with you beloved.??:P
5)Having dinner in the terrace on a full moon day.
And i can just keep on listing...
for those who were filled with the feeling of euphoria just by the thought of all these,then i would say you are still humane and for all those who felt all these were nothing but utter nonsense , then I am sorry to say that you have reached the heights of insanity and greed. You need a break.!!

My sincere request to all those who read this is, please come out of that materialistic world.
There are certain things beyond money. Life is to live. Be content with what you have.
Greediness makes you megalomaniac.
Greediness makes you cunning.
Greediness makes you inhuman and what not.??

The most saddening thing is we are not ignorant about all these. In spite of knowing, we still do the same old things.Feel you are the best. Never feel jealous because its the root cause of everything..
Live life.. kya patha!! kal ho na ho!!!

P.S sorry if i have bored you.. :P
ciao soon!!!!:)


  1. Hai.........
    You are absolutely right,there are many things in this world to be explored, but we are behind all those sophisticated materials.
    Hope the Human race realize it
    (please visit and comment)

  2. comment=comment+1....;nice.. :)


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