Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On cloud 9 :)

The most awaited day..
not because something special is gonna happen..
but simply because my exams have ended.. :) yay finally..!!!
life was just so monotonous for the past 1 month.. Er..!! that doesn't mean that i was studying for the past one month..:P I am always the same... but even if you don't study, you are always filled with a feeling of guilt and i am most intimidated by that word "exams". it paralyzes me. renders my life hapless. lol.

But now all that has ended,i am back in track..
i just don't know what all i can do in 6 days..(yeah only 6 days..poor me :(( )
probably i will end up eating and sleeping as always.. (geeehh:D)
anyways hoping to have a great time... :)

freak out..!!!

P.S Sitting in front of my lappy to post something,at the same time feeling very sluggish to think :P i posted this.. :D
no hard feelings.. :P


  1. watever u say..... but for 6 days hols,this much "build-up" is overrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. oh.. this much feelings for these crazy semester xams uh..??

    i thought u wrote this after ur +2 xams....

    words from an ultimate padips..:P

  3. lol..!! :P
    btw m no padips... :P


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