Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say no to terrorism..!!


I was just wondering if people even know its meaning.. its very disheartening to see things happening these days...
everyday we hear some or the other news of innocent people being killed.. i feel quite ashamed to call ourselves literates if we are not able to do anything about this. one thing is very clear. we are all digging our own grave. how ridiculous!!! but we easily put the blame on others and carry on with our own work.. "after all we are all worried about ourselves. who cares what happens around.." OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
Even a third grade kid will know that anything can be achieved only by non violence.
if this goes on, there wont be a life on earth..

I was just browsing some websites and i came through some poems written by angry mob reacting to the 9/11 incident..
here are a few poems...

Terror Must Be Beaten Back by Justice

Terror must be beaten back by justice.
Evil's antidote must be the good:
Restoring order with both tooth and law,
Restraining passion with both hope and awe,
Opening to all what world we would,
Resolute, reasonable, relentless.

You Are Now Poised to Kill, Perhaps to Die

You are now poised to kill, perhaps to die,
To perpetrate the ultimate offense,
To plead, perhaps, the warrior's defense:
The crime is mutual; not mine the why.
You want, of all times, this time not to lie,
Or be beguiled by righteous innocence,
Or find in such a nightmare common sense,
Or give to grief some comforting reply.
You know that war is evil, yet you must
Engage in acts unspeakable and cruel
To serve some oft-miscalculated end.
And though the cause be criminal or just,
You need not be a villain or a fool
To yield to furies you need not defend.


To Our Loved One Far Away

To our loved one far away,
Whose strength and years this war devours,
Whose sacrifice is also ours,
For whose return we daily pray:

Rest assured your home awaits,
Your cheering squad, your loyal fans,
The musketeers who share your plans,
Your dreams, your tears, your gifts, your fate.

We are the circle of your love,
The wagons 'round your willing heart
That keep despair and faith apart
And bring the muffins where you move.

There is no limit to our pride
In who you are and what you do.
All our fortunes rest with you
Across a desert bleak and wide


I am happy that at least a few considered these as an issue...
but i would say instead of just talking about all these, we must take some action.
its high time. if we don't set things right, then it will become too late to save our life.
Vote for people whom you thing have the ability to solve our problems..
I would really like to appreciate the efforts of Mahinda Rajapakse.
He considered that an issue. he fought against it and he succeeded too. But there are so many such organizations in this world which are to be eradicated...
Lets all join hands and fight against terrorism.
Let us "create" a world were sounds means only the sounds oh happiness and laughter.
Let us "create" a world were death means only a natural one.
Let us "create" a world were peace alone prevails and there is no word called TERRORISM EVEN IN THE DICTIONARY..!!!


  1. hey... surprised to see no comments.. !!!

    feel proud to write the first one..

    first of all i hav to congatulate u for having written this big story on terrorism..the biggest threat to ur nation..!!becoz i don think i am tat patient to even think of ritin abt this and all at this age..

    salute to ur patriotism..!!keep blogging..!!

    may God bless u yaar..:)

  2. first of all,
    the idea of introducing poems into the blog is superb in this context... cheers!!
    then , words like "3rd grade" adds to credit!!!

  3. A Point to ponder in an otherwise self-centred world... Poetry is a very powerful device to evoke emotions in people and it's wise of you to include them in this thought provoking topic.... Keep it up :)


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