Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mad mad world!!!

Expect the most and you are disappointed the most...
Never knew this trivial phrase had so much meaning and it can actually hurt..
Its now that i have realized that things always don't work as we wish it would be..

I find everything in this world completely bogus...
People no more value relationship... Its always that they want their job to be done and later you stay or u leave doesn't make any difference to them.. Its pure exploitation..
But certain fools do fall as their prey.. Don't think i am having a prejudiced opinion.. Its all reality.. I am not offending the whole lot, but such people do exist and all i want to tell IS, please stay away from such people.. Do not be an easy prey..

Because such people are capable of doing any sort of filthy activities..
Either you help them r don't its going to be portrayed as if it was all your fault..
Very sickening.. I was even wondering why do such people even exist.. That is when i got the answer for that question.. Its simply because you are destined to learn things that way..
Now that i have learnt that taking decisions in a haste never works..
And my advice to you people is that, never easily confide on anyone.. you never know what they are upto..

Friends play a very important role in one's life..
So choose them carefully.. Once you are into a wrong company, you are the one who is going to be shattered finally..

So i just wanted to tell all those who are reading this post to be aware of the things happening around you..
Count on good people and i can assure you that he/she will never let you down and will always stay at your side whatever happens..
And just in case you have already met such a person, never ever leave him/her as its they who are your real soul-mates...

Cheers to all my other friends..
If they were not at my side when i felt so down, i don't know where i would be now..



  1. I hv a few doubts as to who inspired u to take this topic ;)Choosing the right sort of ppl is really an important thing in life... but my philosophy is we should not be the choosers... but the makers. We should make the company in which a we're in, a good one.. our presence must instill a sense of affection,a bonding,sacrifice,courage to the ppl.If we achieve tat sort of a persona, then there can never be a pitfall in our steps :) Aim High for tat and lead a jolly gala life :) after all it's worth living :)
    anyway an inspiring topic to ponder over... Cheers....

  2. well...
    as if u don't know who it is..!!!

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  4. heya good one..!! i agree with yo..!! but its not the case always..!!

    true friends hardly practice these kinda silly stuffs..!!

    btw.. the "BEST FRIENDS" pic is really awesome..!!i lyk it much..!! it adds more glam to ur writings..!! :)

    keep blogging gal..!! besta luk..!! :)

  5. Now that's a blog!!! Having messages n yet so refreshing to read... n dat letter to mom, simply awesome... real cool way to pass a report card... ;)
    n d post on friendship was simply awesome... do post more... :)

  6. i agree archu...seriously....i know what it feels lyk to be in the shit pot....but ya when you have your ue friends with u...everything feels right....
    il always be there remember that...n i knw u will be too....luv ya!!!

  7. ofcourse sammy!!
    i will always be there!!! :)


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